Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Germantown 03/19/2007

Hey everyone! Great turnout last night! We actually had three people new to our group bringing us to a total of thirteen players!

Attending were Doug, Bill S, Bill T, Rose, Leslie, Lance, Eric, Laura, Bob, Kevin, and the three newcomers Philippe, David R and Jason.

I arrived a bit before 7PM and found Eric, Philippe, Leslie, Laura, and Doug playing Igor: The Mad Scientists Lament. Eric was the first to build ten victory points worth of devices. Meanwhile, Rose, Lance, Bill T and David R were playing what turned out to be a rather long game of Catan Histories: Struggle for Rome. I didn't find out who won that game.

While the Igor folk finished up their game, I played a full game of Lost Cities with Jason. Jason had a small lead after two rounds but a strong third round nabbed me the victory. Then, as Bill S and Kevin had arrived, we set up for a quick game of Money. After one round, Bill S was ahead and we called the game to join with the other group. Jason headed home.

With eight players, we broke into two groups of four. Bob, Eric, Kevin and Phillipe played a great game of San Juan. Well, everyone else played a great game. I got skunked. Eric went most of the game with only an Indigo plant but built such an effective combination of violet buildings that he was the first to twelve buildings. Philippe focused on the Chapel, ending the game with a whopping nine cards stashed under it. Kevin built six production buildings and the Guild Hall, gaining a huge twelve points for the one card. I had a good combination of cards, but the lack of a 6 building doomed my efforts. At the end, Eric won by a couple of points over Kevin, followed by Philippe with me in the rear.

Doug, Bill S, Leslie and Laura played Blue Moon City. The BMC group started earlier than last time and so actually finished the game this week. :-) At the end, first-time player Laura was victorious with Bill S, Doug, and Leslie behind.

As they were finishing Blue Moon City, the Catan folk finished their game so Rose and Bill T joined me, Philippe, Eric and Kevin for a game of Bohnanza. We started the game at 9:15 and kept things going at an incredible pace. It was rather chaotic, but still involved lots of trading. We finished at 9:59 with me in the lead with 14 points.

Hope to see you all next time on April 2.


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