Monday, June 25, 2007

Damascus 06/15/07

Ok, we had some kind of a blip, and I lost this post somehow. Now i don't have the slips anymore, and must rely on my journal, and the games that were entered into BGG as played...

Also, I am behind schedule for the Damascus 06/22/07 post, so this will be kinda bare bones. Sorry about that...

  • Kevin Bealer
  • Rose Byington
  • Melinda & Ruben Carbonell
  • David, Noreen, and Corwin Fair
  • Philippe Hebert
  • Bob, Carol, Rachel, and Ben Jones
  • Rick Pasquale
  • Scott & Liz Percival
  • David Raley
  • Bryan Snyder
  • John Stup
  • Bill Trac
  • Stephanie (last name unknown to this chronicler)
Here is who played what, to the best of my recollections. Please comment if you can help clarify.

Corwin and I played Hive, and he taught me the rules. Later in the night, he played Hive again with Ben, and then they played Einfach Genial.

Philippe and David joined Corwin and I for Factory Fun. Philippe won by a large margin.

Bob, Carol, Philippe, David Raley and I played El Grande with the Grand inquisitor and Colonies Expansions. Bob appeared to be a runaway leader after second scoring, but he ended up in 4th! David Raley won with 135 followed by me with 125, Carol with 122, Bob with 114, and Philippe with 91. Really high scoring game with a lot of "score this", "score that" cards.

Stephanie, Kevin, and Bryan played Ave Caesar.

Rose, Noreen, Rick and Stephanie played Qwirkle. Noreen recalls that Rose won.

An unknown group played Can't Stop.

Bryan, Kevin, Ruben, and Melinda played Colosseum. Bryan won on a tiebreaker with Kevin.

Scott & Liz played Tichu against Rick & Rose and won.

Ruben & Melinda played Tichu against Rose & Noreen and won.

Bob, Carol, Philippe, Bill and I played Caylus. It was a good game with Bill learning quickly. I gathered favors fast and furiously, but built more than I had last time. Bob worked the castle and the buildings. Final scores were: David 95, Bob 72, Bill 59, Philippe 57, Carol 48.

See you soon!

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