Saturday, May 31, 2008

Damascus 05/30/08

Another Catch-Up quickie post...

Nineteen gamers in attendance after having the previous Friday off is always good, including a few we haven't seen in quite a while... Welcome back!

  • David, Noreen, & Corwin Fair
  • Lance Jones
  • Steve Lollis
  • Jason Cheng
  • John Stup
  • Rick & Linda Pasquale
  • Eric & Laura Reinhold
  • Martha & David Briggs
  • Ken Musgrabe
  • Raphael L
  • Melinda Carbonell
  • Bill Trac
  • Bob, Carol & Ben Jones
  • Marshall Miller
Games played...
  • Started out with Lance, David F, Steve and Jason attempting to hold back the advancing tide of disease and global death in Pandemic. We were doing fine until I had to go get Corwin and Marshall took over for me. I was gone 5 minutes, and I came back to find the world had been wiped out!
  • Meanwhile, Noreen, Rick, Linda, Ken, and John played Niagara, a game in which players try to collect valuable games without tumbling over the falls. John managed this best, getting 7 gems to all of his opponents' scores of 4.
  • Turn The Tide is another game that can be described as a trick-taking game with a twist. The twist here is that each of you plays the hands of the other players once the round changes. Jason (9) won this outing, over Marshall (7) and Lance (2).
  • Two games of Dominion are hardly enough, but it had to suffice for Marshall, Dave, and Raphael. Dave won the first game in a nail-biter, and Marshall the second in an ass-kicker.
  • Looking for redemption, Bob, Rick, Eric & Laura took on the test tubes and needles of Pandemic. The diseases were kept under control, and the rising tide of infection kept at bay. Good Job, Team Healthy!
  • Meanwhile, at the other end of the health spectrum, Carol (13) won a game of Poison while playing with Linda (21), Noreen (23) and Ken (29)
  • Jason and Lance played a 2-player game of Australia, exploring the outback and buckling up the beer... Jason won, 211 to 146.
  • More games with place names for titles... This time the highly rated Puerto Rico... Raphael (64) used his Coffee monopoly and Harbor to good effect, winning over David (51), Lance (50), Jason (42), and Marshall (29).
  • In Princes of Florence, the players all try to attract the most talented artisans to their villas, by acquiring the buildings, inspirations, and freedoms they need to work. Rick (58) managed to do this best, winning over Bob (57), Eric (53), Laura (49), and Noreen (48).
  • Melinda and Bill tried their hand at Dominion, With Bill (33) barely edging out Melinda (30).
  • In a 2-race matchup of Ave Caesar, Bill (8) proved most adept, followed closely by Steve (7), Lance (6), Carol (6) and Jason (5).
  • Another game of Bacchus' Banquet, in which Steve (Sentimus) and Jason (Octavius) won as Conspirators. Good Job Guys, I understand the Conspirator win is difficult to achieve.
  • Tichu. What's that? It's a game in which Melinda & Linda took 13 hands to defeat Rick & Noreen, 1025-775. Noreen wants it known that this game started after midnight. Like that matters.
  • Dave, Bob, Marshall and Raphael played Roll Through The Ages, but again, no scores.. My Bad!
  • We ended with Hanging Gardens, where David (40), thanks to a replacement tile drawn by Bob won over Bob (29), and Raphael (23) and Marshall (also 23).
See you in a Week!

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