Sunday, July 06, 2008

Middletown 07/05/08

This is a recap of the GCOM Middletown session held on July 5th, 2008. This was a special session not on the normal schedule but was well attended.

Scott Fisher (host)
David Fair (co-host)
Noreen Fair
Andrew Fair
Corwin Fair
Carly Fisher
Calvin Fisher
Rick Pasquale
Linda Pasquale
Bryan Snyder
Bob Jones
Carol Jones
Rachel Jones
Ben Jones
Ruben Carbonell
Pete Wilcox
Bill Salvatore
Steve Meyers
Noah Meyers
Dennis Lee
Raphael L.
Marshall Miller
Brandy Cunningham

Games Played:

Cheeky Monkey #1 (Bob Jones, Scott Fisher, Bryan Snyder & Carol Jones)
McGartlin Motor Sports (Linda Pasquale, Rick Pasquale, Steve Meyers, Scott Fisher & David Fair)
Pandemic (Bob Jones, Scott Fisher, Ruben Carbonell & Pete Wilcox)
Zirkus Flohcati (Scott Fisher, Calvin Fisher, Pete Wilcox, Ruben Carbonell & Bob Jones)
Showmanager (Scott Fisher, Calvin Fisher, Rick Pasquale, Pete Wilcox, Ruben Carbonell & Bob Jones)
Monastery (David Fair, Bill Salvatore, Scott Fisher & Calvin Fisher)
Bohnanza (Scott & Carly Fisher, David & Noreen Fair and Bob, Rachel & Carol Jones)
Through the Ages (Raphael L and Bryan Snyder)
Doom (Noah Meyers, Dennis Lee and Corwin & Andrew Fair)
Darjeeling (Raphel L, Bryan Snyder, Marshall Miller and Brandy Cunningham)
Attika (Bob Jones, Bill Salvatore, Carol Jones & Noreen Fair)
Ticket to Ride (Bryan Snyer, Noreen Fair, Linda Pasquale, Carol Jones & Team of Steve Meyers and Rachel Jones)
Blue Moon City (Noreen Fair, Linda Pasquale, Carol Jones & Bryan Snyder)
Alhambra (Steve Meyers, Carol Jones & Rick Pasquale)
Tichu (Noreen Fair and Carly Fisher Vs. Rachel Jones and Linda Pasquale)
Cheeky Monkey #2 (Steve Meyers, Noah Meyers, Rick Pasquale, Linda Pasquale, Noreen Fair & Carol Jones)
Cheeky Monkey #3 (Steve Meyers, Noah Meyers, Rick Pasquale, Linda Pasquale, Noreen Fair & Carol Jones)
Mississippi Queen w/ Black Rose exp (Ruben Carbonell, Pete Wilcox, Marshall Miller, Brandy Cunningham & Bob Jones)
Race for the Galaxy #1 (Bill Salvatore, Brandy Cunningham, Marshall Miller & Raphael L)
Race for the Galaxy #2 (Raphael L, Brandy Cunningham & Marshall Miller)
Cheeky Monkey #4 (David Fair, Rick Pasquale, Bob Jones, Pete Wilcox, Steve Meyers & Ruben Carbonell)
Lord of the Rings (Bob Jones, Pete Wilcox, Ruben Carbonell, David Fair & Rick Pasquale)
Poison (Corwin Fair, Marshall Miller and Brandy Cunningham)
Nefertiti (Raphael L, Rick Pasquale & David Fair)
Agricola (Noreen Fair, Linda Pasquale, Carol Jones & Bryan Snyder)

Additions to the list: Dominion (2 plays, by Raphael, David Fair, Marshall Miller, and Brandy Cunningham)
Werewolf: Steve Meyers, Rick Pasquale, Linda Pasquale, Corwin Fair, Noah Meyers, Scott Fisher, Ben Jones, Andrew Fair, Rachel Jones, Marshall Miller, Brandy Cunningham, Dennis Wang, Calvin Fisher, Carly Fisher, and David Fair
The surprise hit of the day was Cheeky Monkey! This game was played at least 4 different times by different groups and all seemed to be pleased with the game play. Dr. Knizia strikes again!

There were too many games played to give a detailed rundown of each game so only a summary of the scores will be provided. If someone wants to add more information about a game they played feel free to forward to me any additional information and I will update the blog.

Cheeky Monkey - Bob 28, Bryan 21, Scott 18 & Carol 11
McGartlin Motor Sports - Order of Finish - Rick, David, Linda, Scott & Steve
Pandemic - Humanity Saved on medium difficuty - Roles as follows Bob (Dispatcher), Scott (Researcher), Ruben (Scientist) and Pete (Medic).
Zirkus Flohcati -Pete 57, Bob 53, Ruben 50, Cal 46 & Scott 41
Showmanager - Bob 49, Ruben 40, Rick 39, Scott 33, Cal 31 and Pete 29.
Monastery- David 32, Calvin 29, Scott 28, and Bill 24.
Bohnanza - Scott 10, Rachel 8, Noreen 8, Bob 8, David 8, Carol 6 and Carly 2.
Through the Ages - Raphael 340 and Bryan 175.
Doom - Noah 5, Dennis and Andrew 1 and Corwin 0.
Darjeeling - Raphael 105, Bryan 69, Brandy 65 and Marshall 50.
Attika - Noreen 1, Bob 0, Bill 0 and Carol 0.
Ticket to Ride - Steve/Rachel 140, Linda 136, Noreen 127, Bryan 126 and Carol 126.
Blue Moon City - Carol 1st
Alhambra - Rick 1st, Carol 2nd and Steve 3rd.
Tichu- Rachel/Linda defeated Noreen/Carly 1140 to 160.
Cheeky Monkey #2 - Noreen 33, Linda 31, Carol 12, Rick 10, Noah 8 and Steve 0.
Cheeky Monkey #3 - Steve 42, Noah 19, Rick 18, Noreen 16 and Linda 3.
Mississippi Queen w/ Black Rose exp - Order of finish - Ruben, Pete, Marshall, Brandy then Bob. A note was provided that Black Rose actually prevented Bob from being able to finish in 2-4 place.
Race for the Galaxy #1 - Raphael 44, Brandy 36, Marshall 31 and Bill 24.
Race for the Galaxy #2 - Raphael 41, Marshall 33 and Brandy 21.
Cheeky Monkey #4 - Bob 30, Pete 23, Ruben 22, Steve 17, Rick 7 and David 5.
Lord of the Rings - Bob (Frodo), Pete (Pippin), Rick (Merry), David (Sam) and Ruben. The ring did not reach Mordor and from what was relayed it did not even get close. Sauron was an easy winner.
Poison - Marshall 12, Brandy 22 and Corwin 27.
Nefertiti - Raphael 124, Rick 109 and David 94.
Agricola - Bryan 34, Noreen 29, Linda 25 and Carol 21.
Dominion #1 - Raphael 25, Marshall 24, Dave 22, Brandy 18
Dominion #2 - David 58, Raphael 26, Marshall 25, Brandy 22
Werewolf - It was a close contest, coming down to that classic face-off with 2 villagers (Brandy & Rick) against a lone Werewolf (Dennis), but they chose wisely and prevailed. Linda was the Witch, Corwin the Seer, Andrew the Hunter, Rachel, Marshall and Dennis were the wolves. David moderated.
See you all soon!


David Fair said...

Scott -

Wow, you posted this quickly! I added the 2 games of Dominion that I forgot to write-up slips on.


CJ said...

Great job, Scott. You did forget Werewolf, though. Thanks again for hosting, we had a great time.

David Fair said...

Good catch, Carol, thanks. I went ahead and added the info for Werewolf. I hope we did not miss anything else...

Bryan said...

The only reason I won Agricola is because Noreen and Carol gave me too much advice/help

CJ said...


That is not true. You pretty much had a winning hand dealt to you, and YOU made the most of it.