Thursday, October 30, 2008

Germantown 10/20/08


  • Leslie Barkley
  • Aubrey Bell
  • David Briggs
  • Dave Fair
  • Doug Hoylman
  • Todd Heidenreich
  • Bob Jones
  • Mike Mullins
  • Eric Reinhold
  • Laura Reinhold
With 6 player, we got into the Halloween spirit by playing the run-for-your-life-from-the-monster game, Fearsome Floors. The huge eyeball monster ate well this night as mistakes by nearly everyone resulted in a bloodbath. During the game, the following number of deaths were recorded for each player. Bob 1, Doug 1, Laura 2, Dave F 3, Eric 3 and Aubrey 3. Bob won the game by being first to get two guys out of the dungeon. Final scores were Bob 2, Doug 1, Laura 1, Dave F 1, and Eric 1. Alas, none of Aubrey’s team survived.

Arriving while the Fearsome Floors was running, Leslie and Dave B tried two player Blue Moon City. They report it was a close game with Leslie winning 6 to 5.

Another game of my prototype was played. What made this unique is that I stupidly forgot my own rule about how the game ended. So it should’ve ended a couple of turns sooner. I guess this helped, because for the first time, I won 78 to Aubrey’s 72 to Laura’s 69. Every game we've played so far has ended pretty close.

With 8 players, we broke into two four player groups. I was very happy to play one of my favorite games, Samurai, at Dave’s suggestion. Todd had never played but the game’s similarity to Go puts it right up his alley. Eric had played once or twice before. What resulted was a particularly nasty game with lots of screwage of your neighbor. I started out going for Buddhas, but when they came up in short supply, I switched to Rice Paddies. Good thing I did because when we looked at the final scores, I was the only one with a majority in one of the three pieces, so I won. Final scores were Bob 5 rice, 3 buddhas, 2 high helmets with a majority of rice. Dave F 1 rice, 3 buddhas, and 4 high helmets. Eric 2 rice, 2 buddhas, 4 high helmets. Todd 2 rice, 2 buddhas and 3 high helmets.

Meanwhile, Aubrey, Leslie, Dave B and Doug took on four nasty infectious diseases in the cooperative game, Pandemic. I don’t have much detail to add except that Aubrey was great at pulling Infection cards and that the diseases won.

Todd had printouts of the new start worlds from the then-unreleased Race for the Galaxy expansion, The Gathering Storm, so naturally they had to play. Todd won the race by grabbing a large number of victory points from shipping. Final scores (cards, shipping, bonus) were Todd (14+23+0)=37, Dave F (11+15+5)=31, Doug (14+16+0)=30, and Eric (12+15+0)=27.

Then, a four player game of Monty Python Fluxx broke out. I think this is a big winner among Fluxx variations because the wacky Python humor translates well to the game. It’s obvious that the designers are big Python fans. In this game, Todd lorded his victory over Doug, Eric and Dave F by holding Sir Robin while someone else had the Grail.

With six left, we broke into two three player games. Eric won a game of Blue Moon City with 5 points to Doug’s 4 and Dave B’s 3.

I played Aubrey and Leslie in a very quick and close game of Dragonland. I thought I had hurt Aubrey enough to cinch the win but was surprised when Leslie quietly accumulated a lot more gems and eggs than I had guessed. And I had underestimated Aubrey’s score as well! Final scores Leslie 51, Aubrey 44, Bob 44.

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