Sunday, November 02, 2008

Damascus 10/31/08

Because of the holiday, we rescheduled this session for 9PM and held it at the Jones house in Germantown.


  • Dave &Martha Briggs
  • Ben Jones
  • Bob & Carol Jones
  • Linda & Rick Pasquale
  • Liz & Scott Percival
We started late but still got in a good number of games. First up was the fun trivia and betting game, Wits & Wagers. I had the lead going into the last round but a good answer and a big bet shot Carol into the victory. Final scores were Carol 120, Bob 110, Liz 105, Rick 65, Scott 60 and Linda 45.

Next we broke into two groups. I played Scott and Liz at Race for the Galaxy. Starting with New Sparta and a good mix of military cards, I took the military strategy. Liz went big into production and had a ton by game end. Scott was the first to twelve cards played but unfortunately for him, I had played the the military 6 card and a rebel homeworld on the last turn for 16 points. Final scores were Bob 33, Scott 30 and Liz 27.

After Race, Ben joined us for a four player battle with disease in Pandemic. We started off very well, curing the blue and black diseases in short order. Unfortunately, a bad run of red cards was making life difficult in Asia. Ben the Scientist had the four red cards needed to cure red, but before his turn, a string of red outbreaks brought all the red cubes onto the board and ended things badly for the human race.

Meanwhile, the others were playing Agricola. By the final turn, only two players (Carol and Rick) had all five family members in play. Carol was the only one to go to a stone house. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. Final scores were Rick 33, Martha 29, Carol 28, Linda 26 and Dave 19.

We had invited everyone to wear costumes and the Briggs and the Pasquales took us up on it. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of Martha. Rick's costume is awesomely appropriate.

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Marshall said...

Awesome costumes! I wish I had been there to see them in person.