Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday Reminder - Special Guest & Theme

Just wanted to remind everyone that this months session is this Saturday in Middletown beginning at 11AM. We will have the pleasure of a number of special guests. The first guest is a published designer/game reviewer and a hoot to play games with ... Ted Cheatham. Some of his published games are Carpe Astra, Silk Roads and Captain Clueless. Ted is flying a few friends up with him from Charleston, WV. The friends scheduled to attend are Charlie Davis, Dave Gilligan and Travis Reynolds. If you haven't met this quartet you are in for a real treat. You will not meet a more fun, outgoing group then this posse from southern WV.

The special theme is Races: Through the Ages. We have selected a number of race games that will began in the distance past up the future. Some games selected but not limited to are :

Pre-civilization: Igel Argern or Billabong
Roman: Ave Caesar
Victorian: Around the World in 80 Days
SteamBoats: Mississippi Queen
Old West: Canyon/Grand Canyon or Pony Express
Modern Times:
Bicycle: Um Refenbreite
Animal: Really Nasty Horse Racing Game or Snow Tails
Car: D-C Grand Prix or Formula D (street racing side)
Water: Powerboats or Fast Flowing Forest Fellers
Future: Vapors Gambit or Race through the Galaxy

Pick your favorite! Come along and lets play some games. Hope to see you all on Saturday -- don't forget we are beginning at 11AM. Texas Chili Mac is the main course for the meal.

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