Sunday, December 20, 2009

Frederick south 12/12/2009

For our last gaming session of the year at the Common Market we had a nice group of folks. Sadly there may have been too much snow shoveling since we met as I do not recall actual game play, so this will be a sparse posting.

It started with Fran Lunney and Leslie Barkley playing Roll Through the Ages. This was Fran's first play and she learned quickly, Leslie won the first with 46 to 24, Fran won the second with 45 to 18. Mark Broski showed up as the second game was finishing, followed very quickly by Jack Ridgeway.

While we were discussing which game to play next Jack reminded me that during late play last month we had played Qwirkle, and he had won, with a particularly noteworthy 3 qwirkles in a row.

We went with Ticket to Ride, 1910 with a close game for most. Mark won with 111, Fran at 110, Jack with 98 and Leslie trailing at 81. I think at this point we moved into the Common Room and out of the Cafe, I am beginning to prefer the Cafe when there are just a few of us. I also find the chairs in the Cafe more comfortable, not sure why as they are both wooden.

Next up was Aquadukt with Mark winning, and I believe learning as well, with 29, Jack with 27, Fran with 26, and Leslie trailing again with 22.

We then played a couple rounds of Dominoes, Multiples of Five. Mark learning quickly and winning with 407, followed by Jack at 270, Leslie at 248, and Fran with 205. The second game ended with Jack at 379, Mark at 324, Leslie at 255, and Fran at 193.

Our final game of the evening was Settlers of Catan, which ended due to time rather than score. Leslie had eked out 8 points, Fran and Mark both had 5, and Jack had 4.

It was then 10 of nine so we packed up, wished each other happy holidays and went on our merry ways. Looking forward to January and seeing what the 2010 will bring. Happy holiday season to all, enjoy those days off, the fine company and food, and whatever traditions you may choose to observe.

Leslie Barkley

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