Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Frederick South 1/9/2010

Good day for gaming at the Common Market, we started in the Cafe area, moved to the Community Room and discovered two of our attendees had not known of the Community Room and were in the Cafe. Luckily we did finally connect and we all were able to enjoy gaming together. Seems like the day consisted primarily of favorites. It was good to connect with Russell and Louise, congratulations on their wedding New Years Eve. And a welcome to Debbie, hopefully a new regular to the group when she's available.

In attendance were:

Leslie Barkley
Jack Ridgeway
Fran Lunney
Mark Broski
Debbie Williams
Russell Williams
Louise Wolfe

Games played with order of finish were:

Ticket to Ride, 1910 Mega - (1)Fran, Mark, Jack, Leslie; (2) Jack, Debbie, Fran, Mark, Leslie
Settlers of Catan - Fran, Louise, Russell
Dominoes Mult of 5 - (1) Fran, Leslie, Jack, Debbie, Mark; (2) Leslie, Jack, Debbie, Mark, Fran
the following were played before we connected as a group (3) Louise, Russell; (4) Russell, Louise; (5) Louise, Russell
Acquire - Mark, Jack, Debbie, Leslie
Machiavelli card game - Leslie, Debbie, Jack
Qwirkle - Fran, Leslie, Russell
Qwirkle Cube - Jack, Leslie, Debbie

Feels as though I'm missing some game play in the list, let me know.

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