Sunday, June 06, 2010

Germantown 05/31/10

Attendance - 18

David & Martha Briggs
Michael & April Charbonneau
Ethan Goffman
Joe Hertz
Jo Hogan
Doug Hoylman
Bob Jones
Dave Montouri
Eric & Laura Reinhold
Bill Salvatore
Tiffany & Chris Bass and Alidia & Clarisa Findley

On this Memorial Day session, with some arriving hours earlier than 6PM, we did not get an accurate tally of games.  Many more were played on this day.

Games Played (scores in order of place):

Maori - Eric 42, Laura 37, Tiffany 35, Clarisa 22
Chrononauts  - No scores recorded
Coloretto  - No scores recorded
Dilbert: Corporate Shuffle -Record lost.  Played - Tiffany, Aubrey, Bob, Clarisa, Laura, Eric
Aquadukt - No scores recorded
Igel Argern - No scores recorded
Octiles - No scores recorded
Bohnanza - Clarisa 19, Tiffany 19, Bob 17, Aubrey 13
Stone Age - Chris 247, Alidia 190, David 132, Martha 97

Posted by Bob on 07/04/10.

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