Monday, January 28, 2013

Middletown - 01/26/13

Well we all had a great time in Middletown. Dinner was chili, tortellini salad, Caesar salad, and make-it-yourself loaded baked potatoes that rocked. Thanks for bringing stuff everyone, and thanks to Scott for the chili, and Noreen and Carol for all the prep work and cooking on-site.

Here is what I saw/heard of being played, please comment below to add to our played games list.

Eclipse, with Rise of the Ancients
Eclipse, with Rise of the Ancients, So nice we played it twice!
Android: Netrunner
Lords of Scotland
Railroad Tycoon
Seven Wonders
Taj Mahal
Police Precinct

I know there were a few (lot?) more games played, so speak up people! Next time, I will bring a clipboard and endeavor to keep better track, maybe even know who played what and who won! I want to get back to keeping track of stuff played in 2013...

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Anonymous said...

I also played Web of Power and Stone Age.