Sunday, January 03, 2016

In Memory of Doug Hoylman

Doug Hoylman 1943 - 2015

Our good friend, Doug, died on Nov. 2, 2015. He was a regular member of GCOM Germantown from nearly its very beginning at the Borders Cafe up through our session on October 19, 2015. During his last session, he played the base game of Fresco with us (intending to play all the expansions over the next several sessions) and The Voyages of Marco Polo.

Doug will be remembered for his quiet good humor, his kindness and his keen intellect. Doug was a great person to play games with and will always be remembered by his friends at all the GCOM locations he attended.

Here's Doug's really complimentary and informative obituary from the Washington Post.

And here's a thread on Boardgamegeek.  Feel free to add your comments.

Farewell, Doug. We'll miss you.

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