Monday, May 07, 2007

Game Days 2007 Report

I had a great time this weekend, along with my family, at GCOM's annual Game Days event in Timonium. I played lots of games with fun people and really enjoyed it. Although the event ran from Thursday through Sunday, we were there only on Saturday and Sunday, so this brief recap is necessarily incomplete.

I was very pleased to see a good number of local folk in attendance. In addition to the entire Jones clan (Bob, Carol, Rachel and Ben), I saw Doug Hoylman, Leslie Barkley, Rick Pasquale, Scott Fisher, Steve Lollis, Tom McCorry, David Raley, and Eric and Laura Reinhold. (If I forgot anyone, let me know.)

Highlights were a fantastic game of Shadows Over Camelot on Sunday; my son, Ben, discovering Werewolf; a bewildering and unintentionally hilarious game of Fleet 1715 on Saturday, and a raucous game of Wits & Wagers narrowly lost in the last round by Scott, Steve, Rick and Carol.

These large GCOM events are well run, very relaxed and enjoyable. If you haven't been to one, I hope you'll consider coming to Euro Quest in the fall.


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