Sunday, May 20, 2007

Games Day Report

I know this is a little late but as the saying goes "better late than never". I was able to attend Games Day 2007 on Friday and Saturday only. The actual event was from Friday through Sunday. I played a total of 17 different games with 8 of these games being new to me.

I played and socialized with many members of our normal groups that are part of this blog but I also saw so many that I only get the pleasure of interacting with at conventions. A big thank you to all who took the time to teach me new games. It is so much more enjoyable for me to be taught a game vs. reading the rules and attempting to play.

On with the summary. I am only going to list the games since I did not attempt to log the specifics of each game.


Space Dealer - played very different than I had played it in the past. I need to review the rules to find who played it incorrectly.
Metamophosis (prototype) - interesting but needs some fine tuning
Santy Anno - hilarious fun as usual
Space Station Assault - OK card game but not very exciting.
Qwirkle - abstract game (a little Ingenious like) -enjoyable but can be frustrating depending on tile draws.
die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg - interesting Adlung game. I look forward to trying this again.
Wizard - older card game but a little long for what it is.
Blue Moon City - I always this game. I like better with each playing.


Sucession: Intrigue in the Royal Court - I was pleasantly surprised. It was a little slow but I think with repeated plays the cards and actions would be more familiar therefore faster play.
T&T: Power & Glory - felt different enough but also similar enough.
Goldland - 3 play of this underrated game.
Tsuro - got to play this game with the Jones (including Ben). It was very enjoyable to see him play a game with the family.
Fleet 1715 - a deduction game where we misinterpreted a clue that caused much laughing and head shaking. After finally figure the rules I found it very unique. I look forward to a replay.
Ave Caesar - first time I have ever played the game with a score of zero (only 2 races vs 4). The first race I could not make it into to see Caesar. The second race I was stuck with a 6 in my hand and in first place ... 1 space from the finish line.
Fiji - incomplete game played. I would like to try again to get a better feel of this game.
Wits and Wagers - Dom ran his usual fun game but the "Fish Stix" did not live up to our prior record as we placed 2nd.
Battle Lore - Played the scenario "A Complex Web" against Steve Lollis (actually a rematch from the last session here at Middletown). He won again but again I really am excited to play it again! It was a great way to end my convention.

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