Monday, October 22, 2007

Brunswick 10/20/07

Since I'm a bad blogger and missed writing the last session report, you'll get two fro the price of one this time.

From last month we got together on 9/15/2007 - with just four players, Karl Musser, Brian Carpenter, Lije Bailey, and newcomer Charles Fout. Charles and I started off with a quick game of Kahuna. Once Brian and Lije arrived we decided to take our turns being pirates with Plunder and afterwards we closed out with a game of 6 Nimmt!

This past Saturday we met again with the same four plus Samantha Francis and my friend Raul who was in town from Columbus for a weekend. Most of the day was taken us with a game of Vinci. I was doing well until the mid-game when my civilizations got wiped off the board. Lije dominated the rest of the game and took the victory despite a late charge from Raul who got to within 2 victory points at the end. Charles had to leave, but we had a late arrival in Tim O'Genshain who joined us for another game of 6 Nimmt! - this one Brian walked away with.

Our next session is 11/17/2007.

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