Sunday, October 14, 2007

Damascus 10/12/07

We seem to have lost our records, so the following is being recreated from the memories of people who responded via email to a request for a summary of games played. We do have a list of who was there, and we had 24 in attendance:

  • David & Martha Briggs
  • Rose Byington
  • Ruben Carbonell
  • Jason Cheng
  • David, Noreen and Corwin Fair
  • Philippe Hebert
  • Bob, Carol, Rachel and Ben Jones
  • Raphale Lehrer
  • Marshall Miller
  • Linda and Rick Pasquale
  • David Raley
  • Tim Rothenhoefer
  • Lance Slifka
  • Bryan Snyder
  • John Stup
  • Bill Trac
  • Howard & Nathan Wagner
Games played, and in no particular order...

Tichu: 3 games: Ruben & Rose lost back-to-back games (1090 to 710 & 1025 to 875) against Bill & Noreen, while David F. and Jason squeaked one out against David R. and Tim (1025 to 975)

Can't Stop: John, Rick, Linda and Noreen played, with Linda winning.

6 Nimmt!
: Rick, Linda, Martha, David B., Carol, and Bob played, with Bob winning by a considerable margin.

Cave Troll: Ruben, Rose, Bill, and Noreen played, with Bill edging our rose for the win.

Corruption: Rick, Linda, Marshall, Martha, David B., Carol, and Bob playing, with Marshall staging a come-from-behind win.

Democrazy: Rick, Linda, Marshall, Martha, David B., Carol, and Bob again, this time with a victory for Martha.

Diamant: John, Rick, Linda, Martha, David B., and Noreen playing, with John winning, and Noreen not recovering a single gem.

Fresh Fish: Raphael, Howard, Nathan, and Bryan playing, with Howard edging out Raphael for the win on the tiebreaker (money)

Loco!: Raphael and Carol tied for the win over Bob, who didn't.

Railroad Tycoon: This one is in my journal, so was not lost, and has a fuller write-up... Nathan, Howard, David R, and Jason had never played before, while Bryan and I had. there was little battle over the first player early on, and everyone had a fairly standard opening and beginning. David F. made the first 3-link delivery, giving him the lead at that point, a position he kept for the rest of the game. Bryan and Nathan battled in the Midwest, though Bryan controlled all the links from Chicago. Jason was in the NE, with David F coming up the Midatlantic and eventually stretching from New Orleans to Baltimore. David R and Howard both occupied the South, battling over key connections for much of the game. In the end, despite moving back almost 3 times as much due to shares issued, David was able to hang on and win. Final scores: David F. 62, Nathan 57, Bryan 46, Jason 42, David R. 37, Howard 33.

Rat Hot: Raphael played with John and won, 16 to 9.

The Scepter of The Zavandor: Philippe and Lance played for the first time, with Tim and Raphael. Tim won by a large margin, and the battle for second was quite close, with Raphael managing just one point over Lance, who was a few points ahead of Philippe.

Senator: Rose won the game on a tiebreaker over Bob, Carol, and Ruben. Bill was the odd man out, being the only player not tied for first. Ouch!

Through the Desert: Raphael, Howard, and Nathan played, with Raphael winning, and Nathan taking second. This is a great 3-player game... I need to play it next!

See you next week!

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