Saturday, March 15, 2008

Damascus 03/14/08

We had a full house, with 27 (Twenty-Seven) gamers in attendance:

  • David, Noreen, Corwin, and Andrew Fair
  • Marshall Miller
  • Jason Cheng
  • Lance Jones
  • Rose Byington
  • Jennifer, Seth & Justin Weinstein
  • Rick & Linda Pasquale
  • John Stup
  • Aaron Feliksik (AKA Bert Feliksik)
  • Dan Husker
  • Judy & Kayla Trent, with Scott Fox in tow
  • David & Martha Briggs
  • Bob, Carol, Ben, and Rachel Jones
  • Luke Conte
We don't usually report this, but I think that is an oversight... We count the kids as attendees, so we need to let people know what they are doing... So from now on, I will start off with a report on what the kids did...

The kids had the XBox 360 going in the conference room and they played Rock Band, Guitar Hero II & III, and Halo III. Rock Band and the two Guitar Hero games are really, really fun. If you have never played one of them, you owe it to yourself to go in and sit in for a song or two. You might just become addicted.

Meanwhile, in the boardgaming room, we started off the night with a light filler by Joe Huber, Ice Cream. The game was pretty quick and offers a healthy dose of luck and chaos, but the theme is cute and you can do some planning. David (22) won over Jennifer (18) Marshall, Jason and Lance (17 each), and Rose (15).

Next came another filler, 6 Nimmt! This game had Dan (17) winning in a close Margin over David (19), Rick (30), Aaron (37), Rose (53), and Jennifer (69).

We had a group play the very confrontational euro-war-game hybrid, Domaine. Marshall (33) won out over the other Dukes and Barons, John (20), Lance (8) and Jason (also 8).

A big ole game of Poison came next, and the group played for 4 rounds, with Luke (10) winning over Lance (11), Marshall (11), Jason (12), Rose (16), and John (20).

Arkadia finished up about now, with 4 new players to the game. Bob (106) held on for the win, followed by Dave (98), Scott (86) and Judy (79). Nice game, I am glad I finally got to play it. Thanks for teaching it, Bob.

We had a few games of Tichu, of course... No idea which order they were actually played in, but in one game Dan & Noreen won 1025 to 775 over Aaron and Linda, and in another Aaron & Noreen lost to Dan & Rose, 1040 to 960.

A classic game sadly never printed in the US, Rheinlander is about building up political influence along some unknown river in medieval Germany. Maybe the Rhine... Bob taught the gaem, perhaps a bit too well as Lance and Marshall tied for the win (27), Jason came next (23), followed by Rose (22) and then Bob (18). Ouch!

Hamburgum is a new game about building cathedrals in Hamburg. We played at a fairly good pace but it still seemed a bit longer than normal. not sure why... Luke (82) won, handily, over Scorr (70), Judy (68) and Dave (58).

Modern Art was next, but despite my predictions of a win for Bob, Marshall (399) won in a rather low-scoring game over Bob (380), Lance (344), and Jason (323).

Carol and Company finally finished Agricola... It seemed a much longer game than normal... Carol (31) won over Rick (29), Martha (29), David B (21), and first time player Jennifer (13). Surprisingly, No one got all 5 family members into play!

Last game of the night was El Grande, the quintessential Area-Majority game. Jason (102) played a strong game throughout and won over Marshall (90), Lance (90), David (85), and Luke (84).

Good Gaming Everyone! See you next week!

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CJ said...

It should be noted that Rick was a 1st time player of Agricola as well, and nearly pulled off the win.