Thursday, March 20, 2008

In Memoriam

Jim Musser, a longtime Game Designer and Editor has passed away. Jim was Karl Musser's Father, and Karl is a contributor here, as well as a friend. My condolences on your father's passing, Karl.

Karl writes:

My father, Jim Musser, passed away today after a long battle with Cirrhosis. Jim spent most of his life working as an editor and journalist for the Chicago Tribune, but his real passion was games. He contributed to many aspects of the gaming industry; as a game designer for Mayfair Games; as a writer and editor for Mayfair, FASA, and TSR; and as a game store owner and manager in Chicago.

And of course as a gamer. I was pretty well doomed as he introduced me to both board games and role-playing games almost as soon as I could read. Thank you father for a wonderful hobby. Who knows, perhaps some of his unpublished games will see the light of day yet.

Gaming Credits:
  • Game Designer for Mayfair Games: Designer of Alibi, Road to the Whitehouse, and the re-design of Cosmic Encounter and its expansions.
  • Editor for Mayfair Games: DC Heroes and Chill product lines
  • Editor and writer for FASA: Battletech, Shadowrun, Star Trek, and Renegede Legion lines
  • Editor and writer for TSR: AD&D: Tales of Enchantment, Forgotten Realms: Cormyr
  • Retail: owned The Gamer's Place in Oak Park, Illinois; managed The Emperor's Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois
Our thoughts are with you and your family, Karl. Your father touched a lot of people with the games he worked on and the stores he ran, and we are all thankful for his work.


Ipecac said...

Karl, very sorry to hear this. Condolences.

John Weber said...

My condolences as well.

I own one of the games designed by Karl's Dad, Road to the White House, which is an excellent simulation of the primary campaign taking place this year.