Monday, September 29, 2008

Descent - The Overlord Awakes - Prologue

Several of us got together and decided to play an ongoing Descent: Road to Legend Campaign. In preparation for this, we started with a regular game of descent, just to get more familiar with the rules and the flow of the game. I expect that the full RtL campaign will give us enjoyment for the next year or two, as we are only going to play approximately once a month, on days where we are playing at GCOM-Middletown.

The inaugural, get-to-know-the-game session, that pitted four unlikely heroes (Tom: Battlemage Jaes, Bryan: Varikas the Dead, Scott: Trenloe the Strong, Steve: Ispher) against the Mighty OverLord (Dave).

The heroes had heard tales of the legendary Blade of Light, and they set off in search of it, only to find that the map that had fallen into their hands was a trap, set by a new power on Terrinoth, and that by obtaining the blade, they would inadvertently release this new power and it would be able to wage war on the entire world...

They set off into the dungeon, only to find that the Blade was guarded by an unstoppable warrior who fought them and harassed them every step of the way. It was a hard-fought battle throughout, with the Heroes constantly hampered by the Guardian. Once they found the Blade of Light, they were able to use it's power to kill the Guardian. In his dying breath the Guardian warned them that the Demon who had imprisoned him here would do the same to him if they did not kill the demon quickly. The heroes found and fought against the great nameless demon, and were finally able to vanquish him from the land. In doing so, however, a portal was opened, and the Overlord was able to come directly to Terrinoth, and begin a campaign of destruction and death the likes of which Terrinoth has never seen before.

The Heroes won 1 turn before the Overlord was about to take their remaining Conquest tokens (1 hero was near death, and the deck was about to run out), but as it was, a hit with exactly the damage required to kill the final demon won the day for them. They ended with 8 conquest tokens.

Kill Log:
Trenloe: 15 (4 masters) (Died Once)
Varikas: 11 (3 masters) (Was Not Killed)
Jaes: 36 (13 masters) (Died Twice)
Ispher: 7 (3 masters) (Died Once)

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