Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bob's Five and Dime for 2008

For the past several years I've been keeping track of the games I've played. This was mostly inspired by curiosity and by Dave who has kept records for a long time. Until 2007 I had a log book which I carried with me which meant that at the end of the year I had to transfer my scribblings into a spreadsheet, an exceedingly tedious task. In early 2007 I was on the verge of quitting when I started to use the tracking system on Boardgamegeek.

Many of us in the group track our games played on BGG, which has an easy to use interface, making data entry fairly simple and quick. I only track the date on which I play each game, but the system will actually track scores, opponents, where the game was played, how long it took, and has expansive room for notes. It really is a nice resource that enables you to run some interesting statistics. Here's where Dave keeps track of the GCOM West games played.

In 2006, I played a total of 439 games. In 2007, I was way down with a total of 346 games. Yikes! What's worse, I had only one "dime" (that is games I played more than 10 times), and only fourteen "nickels". My most played game was Poker.

In 2008, I turned the trend around. Here's my list of games played at least five times.

Star Wars: Epic Duels28
Race for the Galaxy16
Unpublished Prototype15
Star Wars: Episode 1 - Clash of the Lightsabers14
Cheeky Monkey10
Hanging Gardens, The9
Sorry! Sliders8
Circus Flohcati7
Escalation! 7

It won't surprise anyone in our group to see that Agricola now dominates my plays. I don't think I've played anything as many times as I've played Agricola. Interestingly, Poker was way down this year.

What's more significant is that I now have nine dimes and ten nickels!

Alas, my total plays for the year was 499. A huge leap up, but one game short of 500! Rats. Maybe this year.

If you're interested in tracking your games on BGG, just ask. There are lots of us who can help you out.

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