Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Middletown 1/31/2009

We had sixteen gamers make the trek to Middletown for some great gaming:

  • Scott Fisher
  • David Fair
  • Tom McCorry
  • Bryan Snyder
  • Noreen Fair
  • John Weber
  • Rick Pasquale
  • Linda Pasquale
  • Leslie Barkley
  • Lige Carpenter
  • Brian Carpenter
  • Karl Musser
  • Ben Jones
  • Robert (Bob) Jones
  • Corwin Fair
  • Andrew Fair
Another great night of gaming that welcomed two new persons to our game night. I hope everyone met and had an opportunity to welcome Brian and Lige Carpenter to our group in Middletown. We look forward to seeing them again in the future.

This game night was also a birthday celebration for Noreen. Happy Birthday! We enjoyed a ham, scalloped potatoes, many vegetables and desserts! Now on to the gaming!

A quick rundown follows:

A few games of Tichu were played. The first game pitted the Scott & Noreen Vs. Linda & Leslie. The score ended with a victory for Scott & Noreen winning 1030 to 170. Another game pitted Rick & Linda Vs. Noreen & Lige. This game ended in victory for Rick & Linda 1045 to 555.

A couple of games of Ticket to Ride were played. The first was the original game of TtR with the 1910 expansion. This game was played by Karl (85), Scott (81), Noreen (116), Linda (103) and Leslie (157) getting the win.

TtR:Nordic Countries was played by Leslie (87), John (63) and Bob (115) taking the victory. Bob reported that he "hosed" the others often! Nice victory.

We played a card game that I picked up at Essen call Mow. It is similar to Take Six but with a cow theme. The object of this game is not get stuck picking up flies. The game was played by Karl (8), Leslie (36), Noreen (6), Rick (8), Linda (10) and getting the victory was Scott (5). The game is designed for maximum of 5 so we may have not gotten the best example of play. It was OK but I enjoy Take Six more.

A very good game of Alhambra was played. I really enjoy this game and will always join a game if it is available. The game was played by Scott (107), Leslie (86), Noreen (80) and getting the win was Karl (114).

The new Zoch game, from Reiner Knizia, Sushizock in Gockelwok was enjoyed by Noreen (7), Rick (4), Lige (1) and Linda (4). I am not sure if the object is to get points or have low score so I am not sure who was the winner. Anybody??? (High score wins - Ed.)

A very competitive game of San Juan was played by Bob (31), John (30) and Leslie (25).

Another new game that was released at Essen that got played was Fast Flowing Forest Fellers. The game was played by Lige (4th place), Linda (3rd), Noreen (2nd) and Rick winning this racing game of log floating.

Tom, David, Brian Carpenter and Bryan Snyder played a game of Tichu.

Others played: Battlestar Galactica (Cylons Tom and Scott won), Steam over Holland, and Dominion.

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