Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brunswick, 9/19/09

Aarrrr, a fine day in Brunswick for playing games.

Attending were:

Karl Musser
Leslie Barkley
Ben Stewart
Tim Whieldon
Lije Carpenter
Brian Carpenter
Jay Carrington
Kathy Hallahan
Dave Fair

First up, Small World was taught to Leslie (thank you enjoyed it greatly) by Brian, Lije, and Karl. A quick game won by Karl.

While Small World was finishing Dave, Jay and Kathy played Guillotine, with Kathy being the most adept at collecting those baskets of heads.

Cairo, a flicking game, was played twice by Dave, Tim, Ben, and Leslie. Ben won the first game, Leslie the second. A lot of fun as players learned to flick cubes off boats.

Samurai, the Card Game was next up for the four flickers, with Ben winning handily. An interesting method of end game scoring which made strategy during play a bit confusing for some of us.

While Cairo and Samurai were being played at one table, another table was enjoying a game of Winds of Plunder. Brian, Karl, Lije, Jay and Kathy played with Kathy being the winner.

Dave, Brian, Lije, and Ben then went to a large table to play Planet Steam. A game with very interesting looking bits. Unfortunately I don't know how this ended. I left while both they and the band were playing a bit after 7pm.

Tim, Kathy, Jay, Karl, and Leslie played Snow Tails. Kathy took an early lead coming out of the first turn and held on to it the entire game, crossing the finish line turns ahead of everyone else. Leslie gained a commanding second place, followed in very short order by Tim, Jay and then Karl.

We finished with a quick game of Take Six with Tim at 24 for his first win at this game, Leslie at 26, Karl at 27, Jay at 39, and Kathy at 83 - the cards were not kind to her in this game, perhaps the dogs ate all the good ones. During our play the band arrived, set up and started playing. We decided to end the day just after 7pm.

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David Fair said...

Planet Steam - We called it at 8:00pm, with 2 turns left to go. We were all finally "getting it", but the music was too loud. Fun game overall, and I look forward to playing it again soon.