Sunday, September 20, 2009

Frederick, 9/12/09

Well, a smaller turnout this month, which was nice as we were all able to play games with each other this time. Attending was:

Leslie Barkley
Karl Musser
Fran Lunney
Jack Ridgeway
Mark Love

First up was Aquadukt with Leslie (38), Fran (36) and Karl (40); Karl then had to leave for another engagement.

Ticket to Ride, 1910, was played three times. First up Fran winning, leaving Leslie so far back in the dust we didn't even count it out. Jack then joined the group and we played with the single track rule for a 3-player game, scores were Leslie 118, Fran 112. and Jack 83. The third play we ignored the single track rule, scoring was Leslie 164, Fran 129, and Jack 116. We three agreed that we enjoyed the third game as there more options for planning routes available.

Dominion was then played by Fran, Jack and Leslie. Fran took an early lead with the first Province and retained it to the end with a score of 43 to Jack and Leslie's scores of 39.

We were then joined by Mark, and Karl returned for a bit more gaming.

Dominoes was the next game up. We play a variant where the open end of the tile you play is added to each other open end, in turn, and if the pips add up to a multiple of 5 you score. Double tiles have 4 open ends and each end counts as the total number of pips on the tile, thus a double 4 is considered 8 for scoring purposes. The first player to use all their tiles ends the game and players subtract the number of pips in their hand from their score. Jack had a strong game scoring 355, Leslie at 291, Karl at 271, Mark at 218, and Fran at 210.

We ended the day with two rounds of Poison, a new game for several of the players (sorry, didn't keep track of who). Fran won with 7, Leslie had 10, Karl had 16, Jack had 19, and Mark had 21.

Leslie let everyone know that October's meeting would not be held as the Common Market was holding their OwnerFest that day. She plans to enjoy the OwnerFest for a bit, and then meet up with Jack for some gaming at Savage Mill, may even stop by the Frederick North group on the way just to see what it's like.

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