Monday, November 23, 2009

Brunswick 11/21/2009

A beautiful day with warm sunny skies, a day for open windows and enjoying those chores which get done on a Saturday. Apparently quite a few folks felt that way as we had a small crowd in Brunswick.

The first to join me was Tim Whelan, we enjoyed a quick game of Qwirkle. I had the fortune to gain good tile draws and won with a strong lead. While we were playing Brian and Lije Carpenter showed up.

In no particular order of play, as I neglected to make note of which order they were played in, we played Dominion, Pandemic, and Aquaduct.

Tim learned Dominion and we played with a mix of cards from all three releases. A most enjoyable game won by Brian with a solid lead of 32, Lije with 24, Tim with 20 and Leslie with 18.

In Aquaduct we had a close game with many houses lost due to a lack of water. Final scoring was Brian 33, Tim 26, Lije 25, and Leslie 17.

Sadly, we failed to save the world in Pandemic. We cured both the Blue Flu and the Scarlet Fever, but the Black Death overcame us at the end.

Tim left for another gaming venue and we three remaining played a game of Qwirkle. As we were finishing the singer/songwriter arrived and did his sound tests. We managed to finish our game with Leslie at 171, Brian at 160, and Lije at 138. We then skedaddled out the door.

reported by
Leslie Barkley

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