Sunday, November 22, 2009

Frederick 11/14/2009

Well, as Euro Quest continued over in Timonium a few folks gathered at Frederick South to play for the afternoon. As an added treat the Common Market was doing a Taste of Thanksgiving from 12 to 3 so we had some great samples to munch upon, Apple Cider Brined Roast Turkey with a Walnut Bread stuffing, gravy, cranberry relish, Sweet Potato and Squash Bake, Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie, Blondies and cookies. I was also able to sample Tofurkey and must admit that in a blind taste test I might have been hard pressed to tell the difference between the average roasted bird and Tofurkey. I also learned that the requirement for this is proper cooking, otherwise you end up with something considered inedible by most folks.

Fran Lunney was the first to join me and we played Ticket to Ride. As we were drawing to a finish, Jack Ridgeway arrived and so we promptly started a three player game of Ticket to Ride. Near the end of the game we had our 4th arrival, Jim Sparks. Jim watched the game while we finished up and expressed some interest in learning, so yet one more game of Ticket was played. Cynthia Lewis arrived as the game was drawing to a close and while it might have been interesting to have played a 5-person game we decided to play something else. Leslie's wanderlust must be making itself felt as she won all 3 games.

With all five we played two games of Dominoes, one for Jim to learn our scoring system, and then a second to put it into practice. However, Jack's ability and skill gave him the win in both games. When we play Dominoes we take the open end of the tile played and add it to each of the other open ends, if the total of the two ends is a multiple of five the player scores the total. When the open end is a double tile then the tile end is the total pips of the tile.

While Fran went to run a quick errand the remaining four played a game of Guillotine with Leslie being the most bloodthirsty of the mob, winning with 23 points.

When Fran returned Jim left to go watch a game. I want to give a quick shout - Congratulations to Jim on his promotion at work- well deserved.

The remaining folk played a game of Qwirkle, and while we came close to the edge the game stayed on the table. A close game with all players scoring in the 90's but Jack eked out to the lead with 97.

Our final game at the Common Market was Aquaduct, we played twice with a resounding win by Cynthia in the first game. The second game ended in atie between Cynthia and Leslie.

It was then just shy of 9pm and so we left the store. Carolyn Lewis, a former regular, invited those who were interested to come over to her place to continue gaming. Fran decided to head home, the rest of us headed over to Carolyn's in a slow, circuitous manner.

Once we arrived we played Pegs and Jokers twice and Aquaduct. Sadly I did not keep track of the results.

somewhat recorded by
Leslie Barkley

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