Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brunswick 4/17/10

HI All,

A fantastic day of gaming, well attended, and lasted til 10pm as no band showed up.

Folks present and playing were:

Leslie Barkley
Brian Carpenter
Lije Carpenter
Ron Jennings
Ben Stewart
Jack Ridgeway
Matt Linn
Daid Fair
Noreen Fair
Tom McCory

Games played, in no particular order, but with ranking of win to lose, were:

Monopoly, the card game - Jack won

Roll Through the Ages - Leslie 55, Ben 33, Lije 23

Ticket to Ride, Europe 1912 - Tom 170, Leslie 130, Lije 114, Ben 73, Noreen 61

Tichu - Noreen and Matt 1095, Leslie and Jack 405

Smallworld (on Dave's IPad) - Never did get the scores on this

Dominion (with Alchemy expansion) - Tom 39, Ben 26, Brian 25, Lije 16

Race for the Galaxy - Oops, missing scores again

TransAmerica - Jack 12, Leslie 13

Power Grid, Factory Manager - Ron, 301, Brian 281, Daid 267, Ben 246, Jack 201

That's all the games I have a record of. Looking forward to Games Days this weekend, see folks out and about.

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