Sunday, March 04, 2012

Germantown 02/06/12

Attendance: 7

  • Nick Ferris
  • Doug Hoylman
  • Bob & Carol Jones
  • Eric & Laura Reinhold
  • Stacia Wagner

Having seven players can be challenging in finding games to play. We managed quite well.

Games Played (scores in order of place)

7 Wonders - Eric 76, Carol 67, Stacia 57, Doug 56, Nick 53, Laura 51, Bob 40

Shadows Over Camelot photo from BGG.

Shadows Over Camelot - An epic battle of good versus evil.  The good Knighs of the Round Table, Doug, Nick, Carol, Eric, Stacia, Laura and Bob, started out with some early victories and really favorable card draws.  The Saxons and Picts were unusually peaceful, the Black Knight easily dispatched, and most effort spent searching for the Grail and Excalibur.  As the game wore on, however, the seven Knights more and more often took grievous bodily wounds as their evil action, endangering their very lives.

No traitor was evident, though the Knights watched closely for any traitorous activity and some had suspicions.  Then, at a particularly weak moment for the Knights, a Morgan card was drawn, doing one point of damage to each Knight.  Unfortunately, loyal Knights Doug, Carol and Nick succumbed to their wounds, leaving Eric, Stacia, Laura and Bob to face an increasingly bleak situation.  Fearing that a traitor would quickly end the game, Stacia asked Bob whether she should accuse Laura, whom she had long suspected of being a traitor.  Bob nodded in agreement.

Laura was accused and revealed herself to be a loyal Knight of the Round Table.  The balance was quickly shifting to evil.  Laura took her turn and it fell to Bob.  To Eric's indignant protest, Bob accused Eric of being the traitor.  Eric exposed his Loyalty card, declaring that Bob had cost the group the game, which was entirely true.

Bob flipped his own card, showing himself to be the traitor and capturing the victory for himself alone.

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