Sunday, March 04, 2012

Germantown 02/20/12

Attendance:  3

  • Nick Ferris
  • Bob Jones
  • Stacia Wagner
Likely due to the holiday and the nearness of Prezcon, we mustered only three stalwart players.  Still, some great gaming ensued.

Games Played (scores in order of place):

Crokinole - Nick 175, Bob 60
 - It should be noted that prior to the last turn, the score was a respectable 85 to 60 in Nick's favor.  Nick scored 90 points on the last turn making this a complete blowout.
Stone Age - Stacia 200, Bob 146, Nick 136
 - Stacia crushed us by collecting all eight different symbols on the cards.
San Marco - Nick 74, Stacia 72, Bob 65
 - Bob was ahead after both the first and second scoring rounds but was completely shut down by Nick and Stacia in the third.  He also made one bad split that resulted in Nick and Stacia getting an extra turn without him.

Posted by Bob on 03/04/12.

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