Tuesday, March 29, 2016

GCOM-Milestone, Feb 6th

Having Cancelled January's session to go to Brunswick Game Days, we had 9 in attendance for our second session...

David & Noreen Fair
Alf Shupe
Chris Sears
Bob Jones
Paul Czarnota
Chuck Wisner
Eric Haas
Jack Ridgeway
Nathaniel Klinger

Dave, Bob, Chris and Alf played Burgle Brothers, but were all captured.

Ticket To Ride: Pennsylvania made an appearance, and the scores were: Paul 192, Noreen 175, Jack 167, Eric 139, and Chuck 128. I really like this map, as it adds stock to the mix. I have yet to try the Great Briton side...

Orleans made another appearance, with scores as follows; Chris 131, Dave 118, Nathaniel, 105, Paul 100, Bob 94. This is one of my favorite games of last year. I expect to play it a great deal this year.

Above and Below is a unique story-driven game of adventurers. Alf (42), Jack (40), Noreen (39) and Eric (34) played. I love the artwork in this one.

"The Game" is the confusingly named coop card game in which a win is a score of 0, but anything under 10 is considered pretty good. Bob, Dave, Chris, Paul, and Nathaniel got a score of 2.

Port Royal is getting a lot of play with our group, this time Alf (12), Eric (10) Noreen and Jack (9 each) took to the seas to become the greatest pirate of all.

That was it for February... March is just around the corner.

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