Tuesday, March 29, 2016

GCOM-Milestone, March 5

Nine again for a great day of gaming in Milestone Center...

David & Noreen Fair
Howard Wagner
Jack Ridgeway
Bob & Carol Jones
Eric Haas
Eric & Laura Reinhold

First up was the classic Doris & Frank title, Igel Argern, wherein Bob managed a victory over David, Howard, Noreen, Carol & Jack.

Meanwhile, Eric R. won a 2-player game of Lanterns over laura.

Colt Express involves robbing a train, and has wonderful 3-d components. Eric R. & Noreen tied for a win with $2000 each, followed by Laura with $1750, Eric H. with 350, and Carol who lived to tell the tale, but , alas, came up empty in the looting department.

Dave, Jack, Bob, & Howard set out to make a fortune in the German power market, playing Power Grid on the Germany map, and using the High-Speed DC transmission line expansion. Dave and Jack both managed to power 17 cities, while Bob and Howard got to 16. Money is the tie breaker though, so final positions were: Dave (17/$73), Jack (17/$52), Bob (16/$23), and Howard (16/$17). A very interesting game...

Broom service is an update/re-implementation to Witch's Brew. Carol (71) managed to win, followed by Laura (68), Eric H (67), Eric R (59) and Noreen (49).

Broom service was still being played, so the power gridders played a game of Cacao. This is a cute, quick-playing tile-laying game with a chocolate-farming theme. Howard (59) won, followed by Dave (54), Bob (45) and Jack (39).

The last two games were Ticket to Ride Pennsylvania, where Bob (182) won handily over Jack (167), Carol (157) and Noreen (125), and Istanbul where Laura won with 5 gems followed by Eric R, Eric H, and David with 4 gems each, and Howard with 3.

Thanks for coming out, see you in April.

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