Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Milestone (Germantown) - April 2, 2016

Attendance: 11

David & Noreen Fair
Paul Czarnata
Bob Walnkonis
Bob & Carol Jones
Chris & Betty Sears
Henry Ho
Alf Shupe
Eric Haas

Games Played:

Splendor hit the table as people competed to make jewelry for the nobility. Bob W: 15, Carol: 13, Noreen: 8, Bob J: 7

Qwixx was a light way to start. Henry: 67, Bob J: 62, Bob W: 58, Noreen: 51

David had promised to bring Agricola, but failed to do so, and so Carol went home and grabbed their copy. Scores were Bob J: 40, Betty: 35, Noreen: 34, Carol: 31, Chris: 26

New York 1901 has up to 4 players competing to build the impressive skyline of NYC at the turn of the century. Chris: 77, Paul: 73, Betty: 64, Dave: 60

Power Grid has dozens of maps, but we played one of the base game maps this week, Germany. This was one game that didn't end in a tie, which is unusual for PG. Henry: #15 cities/$15, David: #13/$112, Bob W. #13/$26, Eric: #13/$8, Pail #12/$17

Istanbul has players vying to collect jewels, either by trading for them, buying them, or acquiring them as awards for achievements. This game ended in a rare tie, broken by money... Alf: 5 gems/$3, Eric 5 gems/$0, Bob W. 4 gems

German Railways is an expansion to Russian Railways that adds several modules, which you can pick and choose from. Henry 493. Paul 365, Dave 291.

Takenoko involves feeding pandas bamboo and scoring points for making him eat the right bamboo at the right time. Paul 30, Eric 23, Henry 18, Bob 14

Port Royal is a push your luck game with an Age of Sail theme. Henry 12, Bob 11, Paul 7

Agricola hit the table a second time, as Dave was sad to have missed out on the first game. Dave 34, Noreen 26, Carol 20. We all agreed that the Belgium Deck left a lot to be desired.

Istanbul image by Henk Rollerman on BGG.

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