Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Milestone (Germantown), July 2 2016

Attendance: 6

Bob & Carol Jones
David & Noreen Fair
Paul Czarnota
Leslie Barkley

Summer takes its toll again on attendance, but we had a great time playing.

Spinderella is a neat little racing game of ants trying to dodge spiders in a forest. Carol 1st, Noreen 2nd, Dave 3rd, and Bob 4th.

Codenames, where every game ended poorly, was played three times, with two wins by the team of Carol, Noreen & Leslie.

Between 2 Cities has each played pairing up with a partner to build a city, then scoring the lower of their 2 cities. David 65, Carol, Paul, Noreen, & Leslie all tied at 54 (Carol won the tiebreaker, and Paul lost it, but Leslie and Noreen tied there as well!), and Bob at 50.

Dominion came out for the start of our Expansion project. It is going to take us 26 games to play all cards! Dave 40, Carol 35, Leslie 34, Noreen 27

Jaipur is a two player economic game: Paul beat Bob 2-0

FlowerPower is great Kosmos "Spiel fur Zwei" where Paul won 20-18 over Bob.

We came back together to play Showmanager, a great choice for 6. Dave 49, Paul 47, Carol 42, Leslie, 35, Bob 24, Noreen 23.

Black Spy is a trick taking game where you do't want any points. Noreen scored only 5, followed by Leslie 13, Carol 21, Dave 76, Bob 77, Paul 108.

Railroad Tycoon came out after a dinner break: Bob 1st, Noreen 2nd, Leslie 3rd, Dave 4th, Carol 5th, Paul 6th

Spinderella Image by Carlos Abrunhoza on BGG

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