Saturday, December 15, 2007

Damascus 12/14/07

Nineteen on a very cold Fourteenth:

  • David, Noreen, Corwin, & Andrew
  • Marshall Miller
  • Philippe Hebert
  • Bryan Snyder
  • Dan Barnett
  • Steve & Noah Meyers
  • David & Martha Briggs
  • Ruben & Melinda Carbonell
  • Rose Byington
  • Bill Trac
  • Lance Slifka
  • Luke Conte
  • John Stup
Marshall and I started the ball rolling with a quick game of Schotten Totten, which I won, 5 to 2. We played without the "advanced" cards, which I prefer.

Next up was Agricola, of course. Noreen, Steve, and Philippe joined Marshall and I to make it a 5-player game. It was Steve's first time playing. Finishing order was: Dave 54, Philippe 44, Noreen 38, Marshall 17, Steve 15.

Next was Power Grid played with the new deck, on the Italy map. It was a tough battle, with to following scores (Cities/Capacity/Money): Philippe (15/14/3), Dave (13/13/43), Noah (14/13/22), Howard (12/12/135), Rose (11/11/19).

We followed this up with another game of Power Grid, this time on Benelux but still with the new deck. Howard won this one, after not buying a plant in what turned out to be the last round in the last game. Final scores: Howard (17/17/41), Dave (17/17/29), Philippe (17/17/16), Bryan/Noah/Marshall* (17/17/9), Rose (16/16/19) (*Player substitutions...)

Games that played out in an order I know not which:

Ruben & Noreen lost a Tichu match to Melinda & Lance, 1055 to 645.

Luke (124) won Ticket to Ride (not sure which map) over David (89) and Martha (62). Despite the low score from Martha, had she placed 3 more trains, she would have won, they report!

Zooloretto came out, with all of the myriad expansions, and Luke (26) won that as well, outscoring John (24), Martha (22), and David (16).

Fairy Tale is a unique game that does not get a lot of play, which is more the shame because it is quite good, as Ruben (67) demonstrated to Melinda (48), Lance (47), Howard (31), and Noah (31).

Howard (29), Ruben (22), and Lance (15) tried their hand at Ubongo Extrem, and they all learned that making little hexagons fit into tiny shapes in less than a minute can be hard!

Tikal is a perennial favorite, well loved by many, and this night, Marshall (96), Bill (92), Bryan (85), and Steve (81) tried their hand at exploring the ruins of the South American jungles.

Dan & Bryan played Duel in the Dark, an excellent tactical wargame with a deduction element, and while they report that they messed up the scoring, it appears Dan won in a close game.

Finally, we have a report on the abstract race game, Glik: Lance won over Ruben, Howard, and Luke. This is neat little game that uses Richochet Robot like movement to get all your pieces of an abstract board that resembles a crossword puzzle.

That is all, see you next week!

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