Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Germantown 12/03/07

For our penultimate gaming session of 2007, we had a large crowd who played a large number of games. If you count the three girls whose names we didn't get, we had 20 people playing games, a new record!

Attending were:

  • Aubrey Bell
  • Leslie Barkley
  • David and Martha Briggs
  • Luke Conte
  • Andrew Fair
  • Dave Fair
  • Doug Hoylman
  • Bob Jones
  • Carol Loman
  • Helen Powell
  • Eric and Laura Reinhold
  • Bill Salvatore
  • Alex Smith
  • Bill Trac
  • Howard Wagner
  • Alex Smith's Sister and her two friends
The following games may or may not be listed in the order they were played.

Dave Fair, Leslie, Howard and Bill Trac started out with Glik, an abstract game reminiscent of Ricochet Robot where players race to get all their markers home before the others. Howard won, followed by Leslie, Bill, and Dave.

They followed up Glik with the delightful Burg Appenzell (Chateau Roquefort), a cute game with mice scurrying about trying to find 4 kinds of cheese. Dave and Leslie tied for the win with Howard and Bill tied behind them. (Image from BGG)

Meanwhile, the ever-popular filler 6 Nimmt was played. Final scores were David Briggs and Doug tied at 8, followed by Luke 13, Eric 17, Andrew 33, and Martha at 60.

Around this time, Doug taught If Wishes were Fishes to Bill Salvatore, Carol and Laura. Bill had his famous "beginner's luck" and won 87 to Doug's 71, Carol 65, and Laura 62.

Laura, Carol and Bill left so Doug joined another group for Coloretto. This simple, yet fun game is filled with tough decisions. Final scores were Luke 33, David Briggs 20, Eric 20, Martha 16 and Doug 12.

Alex and Aubrey were keen to play Blue Moon City, so I joined them for a three player game. Tiles were turned over remarkably quickly as we all raced to the finish. In the end, Alex won with 5, Aubrey had 4 and I brought up the rear with 3.

Alex's sister and two of her friends were in the store and wanted to play something. They grabbed Dave' copy of Battle of the Bands, read the rules and played a game. Final scores were "Stroodel" 4, Manni 3, and DC 2. Next time they attend, I hope to get their names and maybe get them to play a game with us.

Next up, the San Juan-esque game, Race for the Galaxy. I predicted that Martha's head would explode from all the symbols used during game play. It's a great game and plays quickly and easily once you understand the cards, but there is a steep learning curve. My prediction was generally accurate as Doug won with 36, Eric 23, David Briggs 11, and Martha 8.

The mice and cheese group then broke out the new game, Brass, a very good economic development game from Martin Wallace. Reminiscent of Power Grid in some ways, it was won by Bill Trac, followed by Dave Fair, Howard and Leslie.

After Blue Moon City, Luke joined Aubrey, Alex and me for New England. Unfortunately, Alex had to leave shortly after we started. Before we could do anything, Helen arrived and took over Alex's position. She played quite well, but Luke was the master. Final scores were Luke 35, Helen 31, Aubrey 29 and Bob 26.

Thanks to everyone for coming!


CJ said...

In Blue Moon City, how did Alex get to 5 if Aubrey already had 4?

Ipecac said...

With 3 players, you play to 5 points.