Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 - Looking Back

2007 gave us a lot of gaming opportunities, and many changes and growth opportunities. Damascus moved out of it's roots in Dave & Noreen's home and into the Damascus Community Center. We had a lot of growth and a lot of new members join us. Here is a look back at what we played, starting on January 5 in Damascus, and going right up to the last Friday session on December 28 in Middletown...

The Fives
All of the following games were played five times in 2007:

  • Alhambra
  • Colosseum
  • Diamant
  • Factory Fun
  • GemBlo
  • Igel Ärgern
  • Khet: The Laser Game
  • Loco!
  • Thebes
  • Tikal
  • Volle Wolle
  • Zombie Fluxx
The Sixes
  • Age of Steam
  • Ingenious
  • Power Grid - Benelux/Central Europe
  • Showmanager
The Sevens
  • BattleLore
  • Caylus Magna Carta
  • Notre Dame
  • On The Underground
  • Power Grid Power Plant Deck 2
  • San Juan
  • Zooloretto Expansions
The Eights
  • Hive
  • Imperial
  • Thurn & Taxis
  • Ticket To Ride: USA 1910
The Nines
  • Blue Moon City Expansion Tiles
  • Bohnanza
  • Pillars of the Earth
  • Qwirkle
The Elevens
  • Agricola
  • Race for the Galaxy
  • 6 Nimmt!
The Twelves
  • Ticket to Ride
The Fifteens
  • Power Grid
  • Yspahan
  • Zooloretto
The Sixteens
  • Blue Moon City
  • Can't Stop
Most Played Game of the Year
At 69 plays, it will surprise no one who paid any sort of attention at all that the most played game this year was, indeed, Tichu. Not much more to be said about it except that if you have been bitten, you can expect to be if you hang out with us long enough.

The Ones
There were 138 games that we played only once, as well as 12 expansions.

Some More Stats
We also recorded 12 plays of things that were "Outside the Scope of BGG", which for us meant ping-pong, pool, etc.

We played 279 unique games, and 22 different game expansions. We played those 279 games a total of 774 times (for an average of 2.77 plays per game), and the expansions 71 times (average of 3.23 plays each).

We recorded 111 different people who gamed with us, a total of 1138 times (average of 10.25 sessions). The most ten most prolific (attending the most sessions) gamers were:
  • (57) David Fair
  • (44) Rose Byington
  • (41) Noreen Fair
  • (38) Bill Trac, David Briggs, Martha Briggs
  • (37) Marshall Miller
  • (36) Bob Jones
  • (33) Kevin Bealer
  • (32) Ruben Carbonell
Have a great new year! See you soon

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CJ said...

Great list, David. I was surprised to see so many games on this list that I have never played:

Factory Fun, Khet, Volle Wolle, Zombie Fluxx, PG:Benelux, Battlelore, and Hive.