Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Germantown 02/18/08

Hey, everyone! Here's the report for our mid-February session.

  • Leslie Barkley
  • Aubrey and Shannon Bell
  • Dave and Martha Briggs
  • Todd Heidenreich
  • Doug Hoylman
  • Bob and Ben Jones
  • Eric and Laura Reinhold

For the first time in memory, when we arrived at 6PM, there were no tables available. Not a single place. We stood around looking forlorn, but finally, after about 20 minutes, two small tables next to each other opened up and we were able to seat one group. A bit later, the large pub table opened up and was nabbed by Todd.

My son Ben was attending for just one game, so first up for the night was Africa. A game of African exploration, Africa is light, quick and easy. This night, Leslie proved the most brave and adventurous. Final scores were Leslie 51, Doug 47, Bob 44, Laura 39 and Ben 37.

Meanwhile, at the pub table, Todd and Eric took on the challenge of teaching the simple yet daunting rules of Race for the Galaxy to Shannon and Aubrey. An excellent game with a steep learning curve, Todd and Eric obviously did a great job as first-timer (and all around great gamer) Aubrey mopped the floor with them. Final scores were Aubrey 43, Eric 36, Shannon 32 (won tiebreaker), and Todd 32.

With Dave and Martha's arrival and Ben's departure, we had six players at the other table. So, we broke out the globe-trotting game, Around the World in 80 Days. Doug gained an early lead and held onto it for the entire game. Even so, Martha managed a strong comeback and nearly caught him. Final days to complete the trip were Doug 72, Martha 78, Laura 86, Bob 93, Leslie 94 and Dave 95.

We then split into two four player groups. Dave, Martha, Shannon and Aubrey played our perennial favorite, Blue Moon City. They were unable to finish in time for closing, but the scores were Dave 3, Aubrey 2, Martha 2 and Shannon 1. It was Shannon's first game and she said she really liked it.

Meanwhile, I played Thurn & Taxis with Doug, Leslie and Eric. It was a quick, tight game, well-played by all. Final scores were Bob 22, Doug 19, Eric 15, and Leslie 12.

Thanks to everyone for coming out!

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