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Damascus 02/28/09

[posted by Bob]

This session was hosted by David and Nadine Kuijt who were very nice to invite us all into their home, which was very comfortable and exceptionally suited for gaming. Thanks!

  • Leslie Barkley
  • David and Martha Briggs
  • Noreen and Corwin Fair
  • Scott Fox
  • Bob, Ben and Carol Jones
  • David and Nadine Kuijt
  • Linda and Rick Pasquale
  • Scott and Liz Percival
With ten people ready to go, four of us decided straight away to satisfy their Tichu fix. In a very close game (which also means a very long game), Linda and Noreen bested Liz and Leslie (what’s with all the “L” names?) 1130 to 970. Not only was it a close game, but Linda and Noreen must have had a whopping good final hand.

The other six of us gathered around the big table to play one of my favorites, RailRoad Tycoon. I started out strong taking an excellent position in the Southeast and shot into the lead. Unfortunately for me, near the end I didn’t have enough long routes to stay competitive. Conversely, Rick started out very slowly, grabbing two hotels over his first two turns but came out strong in the mid-game, took the lead and never flagged, seriously pummeling the rest of us who were all very close. Final scores were Rick 67, Nadine 50, Carol 50, Scott P 49, Bob 47 and David K 44. Great game.

Ben and Corwin played a game of Tiki Topple, but the records don’t indicate who won.

Meanwhile, Scott F and the Briggs arrived so they settled down to 3-player Agricola. In a fairly low-scoring game, Scott crunched the Briggs, 27 to David B’s 21 to Martha’s 20.

After some departures, with 8 people remaining we decided to play a big ole game of Wings of War. David has many of the plane miniatures including some he made himself. We played with the rule that the first three people to die could come back into the game. This benefited the Allies as they died quick deaths; all three resurrectees were from Allied Planes. We also played that hits had to be scored on the center peg instead of anywhere on the base, which lengthened the game considerably. Alas, even with the extra lives, the Allies did poorly. Nadine, Linda and Carol all died twice while Bob died once. The Germans fared much better, with only Noreen and Rick dying, while Leslie and David K survived and won the game for the Germans.

It was a very enjoyable night for all. Thanks, David and Nadine.

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