Saturday, March 14, 2009

Damascus 03/13/09

In what we are still stubbornly calling GCOM-Damascus, this time we met at Chateau de la Jones, in Germantown. There were 13 of us meeting on Friday the 13th. Oddly, we didn't play any spooky games. In attendance were:

  • Bob & Carol Jones
  • Dave & Noreen Fair
  • Scott & Liz Percival
  • Eric & Laura Reinhold
  • David & Martha Briggs
  • Doug Hoylman
  • Eric Haas
  • Aubrey Bell
We got together and played a few games. Duh. What we played:
  • Ticket to Ride, with the 1910 expansion. Eric R won handily with 158, followed by Noreen (122), Liz (121), Laura (102), and Doug (also 102).
  • Metro, a game about making circuitous Parisian subway lines, where Eric H won 84 to Martha B's 71, and David B's 56
  • There were 2 games of Dominion. Noreen won the first 40-36-33-29 and Liz the second 39-31-16-11. Eric R & Doug were the other two players.
  • Zooloretto, where Eric H scored 21 to Laura's 20 to squeak out the win, followed by Martha at 16, Carol at 15, and David B at 11.
  • David & Goliath, a trick-taking game with a twist that the lowest card played wins the highest one played, but the highest one played wins all the rest. Doug won easily with 187 to Eric H's 140, Eric R's 131, and Liz's 121.
  • Five, count 'em, FIVE games of Bananagrams. Liz won 2, Noreen won 2, and Eric H. won one. Other players were Eric R & Doug.
  • The final game to end, was the first to start. The 3-4 hour time guesstimate being horribly off, it was 18VA. Part of the 18xx family of economic train games, these are long, rich games. Final scores were: Aubrey 4946, Scott 4827, Dave 4580, Bob 4370
Thanks for coming out, thanks to Bob & Carol for hosting. We all had a great time.


Doug Hoylman said...

I believe the correct French would be "Chateau des Jones", since there's more than one Jones living there.

David Fair said...

I prefer poor French. Saylah vee!

Ipecac said...

So exactly how long was the 18VA game?

David Fair said...

Well, we decided to play, started setting up and covered the rules. i think we probably started around 8:30. We played until 1:30 (i think)
5 hours?

Ipecac said...

By the way, that wasn't me. That was Carol pretending to be me.