Monday, March 09, 2009

Germantown 03/02/2009

Fourteen gamers this night!

  • Leslie Barkley
  • Aubrey and Shannon Bell
  • Dave and Martha Briggs
  • Dave Fair
  • Doug Hoylman
  • Ben and Bob Jones
  • Eric Reinhold
  • Christopher and Tiffany Bass; Alidia and Clarisa Findley
With five players ready to go at six o’clock, we started with Cheeky Monkey. This was one of the most even games I’ve played, with everyone doing reasonably well. Consequently, the game was over much quicker than usual without the typical “dingo-dingo” draws crushing everyone’s hopes and dreams. Final scores were Ben 22, Dave F. 17, Bob 17, Eric 11 and Doug 11.

Next up, a new Amigo game, Six. As dice are rolled, each player tries to run through his deck of cards, scoring points when the dice match the amount on a card. There’s also a speed element as a hidden hourglass counts down time. If time runs out while it’s your turn, the next player can call you on it, costing you a scoring card. I really liked this. I was the best with the dice (luckiest) and won 36 to Dave F. 31, Doug 24, Leslie 23, and Eric 19.

When Aubrey and Shannon arrived, Shannon joined Ben and me for a quick game of Tiki Topple. I scored heavily in the first and third rounds while Shannon mounted a valiant comeback after a scoreless first round. Final scores were Bob 23, Ben and Shannon tied at 16.

Meanwhile, Aubrey joined the other group for Gem Dealer, a quick auction game making its first appearance. Eric won with 4, followed by Aubrey and Doug with 2 each, and Dave F and Leslie with 1 each.

Looking for another reasonably quick game, Dave suggested Pandemic and was joined by me, Aubrey and Ben. Despite a great start and a quick curing of the red disease, things took a bad turn when epidemics struck closely together. We managed to cure the yellow disease before the end but humanity lost with the eighth outbreak.

With the arrival of the Briggs and first time guests, Tiffany, Chris, Alidia and Clarisa, we broke into three groups.

One group played Bruno Faidutti’s Citadels, where players take the roles of Thieves, Assassins, Kings, Bishops and others to build the most valuable district of the city. Martha crushed all comers. Martha 37, Leslie 25, Dave B. 24, Shannon 24, Doug 23, and Eric 20.

Dave and I played Reiner Knizia’s Poison with Chris, Tiffany and Clarisa. Usually we don’t play the full five rounds but the game was going quickly so we went the distance. Chris and Tiffany started out strong and finished with excellent scores. My luck in the last few rounds gave me the win by a whisker. Scores were Bob 7+4+3+3+2=19, Chris 0+4+4+6+6=20, Tiffany 2+2+5+0+12=21, Dave 9+10+2+0+7=28, and Clarisa 10+6+4+17+11=48.

Meanwhile, Aubrey took on Ben for two games of Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, an excellent two player game. Ben has been crushing me regularly at home but in this case, Aubrey won the day in both games.

They then broke out one of Ben’s favorite games, Wasabi. I haven’t played this with two players but it seems to have played just fine. Final scores were Aubrey 29, Ben 13.

After Citadels, out came Cheeky Monkey again. This time, the scores were lopsided as usual. Shannon 50, David B. 21, Leslie 14, Doug 12, and Eric 1. Yes, that’s a 1. Yikes.

Dave then joined Ben and Aubrey for a couple of quick games. First up, Loco, a quick-playing fun game where you play cards and take chips, hoping that at the end your chips are worth more than the other players’ chips. Dave F won 66 to Ben and Aubrey’s 60.

They then brought out Tiki Topple. Dave F 33, Ben 16, Aubrey 3. Ouch.

I played two games with Chris, Tiffany and Clarisa, now joined by Alidia. First was Reiner Knizia’s Circus Flohcati a press-your-luck game where players try to collect high scoring fleas in each of the ten suits while laying down three-of-a-kind sets for 10 points. Chris was the best ringmaster here. Chris 60, Bob 52, Tiffany 50, Alidia 44, and Clarisa 36.

For the last game of the night, we tried Six again. Thanks are due to Eric who caught a rule we were playing incorrectly only a couple of turns in. In a very close game, Tiffany edged out Alidia and Chris. Final scores were Tiffany 34, Alidia 33, Chris 32, Clarisa 17 and me in the basement with 13.

Thanks to everyone for coming. We played fourteen games in around four hours, which may be a record for this location. Well done!

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