Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brunswick, 7/18/09

My first co-host day for Brunswick. Ben Stewart showed up at 1pm and with just the two of us we played quite a few games before Brian and Lije Carpenter showed up.

First up was Igel Argern, Ben's hedgehogs proved the faster giving him the win.

Then came Agricola for two, a quicker game play, and easier for me to grasp apparently as I won with 35 to Ben's 31.

Poison came into play next, and I seem to be quite good at mixing potions, winning with 12 to Ben's 23.

However, with Settlers of Catan Ben showed his skills at exploring and settling a land, winning the game handily.

Brian and Lije arrived and we all played a game of Roll Through the Ages. It was a close game with Ben winning with 20, then Leslie with 19, Brian with 14, and Lije with 13.

Ben needed to leave at 6, so the 3 of us remaining played a few more games. The musical group playing that evening was not playing at too noisily a level so we actually played to closing time.

First up was another Roll game, followed by another Roll game. Brian won the first with 23 to Leslie and Lije both having 11. The next game Lije had 15, Leslie 13, and Brian 12 - a closer game.

I'm not sure what order the following games were played in.

Qwirkle - Brian made quite a few qwirkles and won with 158. Leslie with 128 and Lije with 126.

Race for the Galaxy - Brian won with 49, Lije 31, and Leslie with 23

Igel Argern - Lije's hedgehogs proved the fastest.

Closing time came and we left, a good afternoon and evening of gaming had by those who came. Even the musicians profited as their CD's were purchased.

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