Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brunswick, 8/15/09

Starting with the most recent gaming day I am going to get up to date on these blogs. Saturday at Beans in the Belfrey in Brunswick - hmmm, I should bring more games starting with B.

We had five folk for a few hours, Brian and Lije Carpenter, Ben Stewart, and Leslie Barkley were all there around 1pm. Tim Whieldon showed up a bit later.

We started with a game of China, brought by Leslie. We all commented that it reminded of us of another game, set in Europe, although none of us could recall the name. Play was close for much of the game, even into the final scoring with Brian and Lije both at 42, Ben at 41, and Leslie at 36.

Next up was a game of Monopoly Deal, brought by Brian and Lije, a card game which plays quite quickly. Brian won the game with 3 completed sets. Sadly, I don't remember too much of the game play itself, although Ben did have a few Birthdays. Tim arrived during play so it was nice to finish up and start a five player game.

We played Augsberg 1520, brought by Ben and acquired for $3 at a Columbus, OH gaming event. Once again we commented that it reminded us all of another game, although again none of could recall the game we were thinking of. Game play went pretty quickly, and closely, with Tim winning at 70, Leslie at 68, Brian at 67, Ben at 63 and Lije at 59.

We were approaching 6pm, when both Ben and Tim needed to leave, so we played another round of Monopoly Deal with Ben winning when he stole a card to complete a set, and then stole a complete set to give him three complete sets.

Afterwards, Brian, Lije and myself played Dominion Intrigue, brought by Leslie, with a random set. We had no multiple action cards available so the turns went very quickly. We finished shortly after 7pm, when the music starts, with Lije winning at 45, Brian at 35, and Leslie at 31.

All in all, a nice afternoon of gaming in a pleasant coffee shop. Thanks to all who came, looking forward to next month.


David Fair said...

Thanks for posting, Leslie. I was unhappy to have to miss this past week. The game that China reminds you all of is Web Of Power (AKA Kardinaal & Konig). Both excellent games!

Leslie said...

Missed you as well, Bob updated on a bit of what has been going on re cars. Glad no one was hurt. Perhaps next month the stars will align, or the brakes will hold.