Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Frederick 8/8/09

The first official GCOM session of the new Frederick South group. We started in the Cafe area as the Community Room was in use. My agreement with the Common Market was that we would have the Community Room when it wasn't scheduled for another event. They had the room cleaned up and vacated by 4pm, and we finished the day playing in the room.

Jack Ridgeway showed up and we played X's and O's a few times. A nice little game easily finished in a few minutes, played with pen and paper. Jack won twice, and then may have taken pity on me and allowed for a win by me, or perhaps he taught it well enough for me to grasp the strategy.

Fran Lunney showed up next, both Jack and Fran were regulars at the prior Frederick South group so it was a nice little reunion. The three of us played Ticket to Ride, 1910 expansion, with Jack winning at 129, Fran at 116, and Leslie at 79. Bill Salvatore showed up and we played another round of Ticket. I did much better this game winning at 130, Fran with 125, Jack with 113, and Bill with 100.

Laura and Eric Reinhold showed up during the Ticket game and grabbed a quick bite to eat. By then the room was ready for us and we moved on in to continue gaming. It gets a bit confusing as to when games were played from here on, sorry.

I know the first game was Igel Argern with 6 players. Fran won, with both Bill and Laura at 2 and Eric, Leslie and Jack with only 1 hedgehog finished. During game play Martha and David Briggs showed up. We now had 8 gamers and broke into two groups of play.

Laura, David, Fran and Leslie played Settlers of Catan. We called the game after a good bit of play as all but Leslie were at 6 points, she was at 4. Looking at the board there was little possibility of a clear win within the near future and the other group were finishing their game.

Eric, Bill, Jack and Martha had been playing Dominion. Bill won with 33, Eric had 27, Martha had 25, and Jack had 22.

During the game play Helen Powell had arrived, and then wandered off to explore the store. We then had Michelle Hirsh show up, who wandered off to explore the store and look for Helen. As they drifted back in and out during our games they finally both arrived together and played a game of TransAmerica with Helen winning.

We now had 10 gamers and my list of games and recollection of order played becomes chaotic.

Dominoes was enjoyed by Jack (200) Eric (195) Martha (144) and Fran (41).

Qwirkle was played by Bill (96) Helen (94) Michelle (91) and David (77). It was also played by Jack (96) Michelle (85) Martha (76) and Eric (71).

Aquaduct was played by Bill (41) Fran (34) and Helen (33).

Pegs and Jokers was played by Laura and Leslie (won)

San Juan was played by Laura (32) Leslie (31) and David (23)

We played to closing at 9pm and I'll have to do a better job of keeping an eye on the clock as we were a touch late vacating the store due to clean-up. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and the location.

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