Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brunswick 08/18/07

GCOM - Brunswick finally returns. We had six players at the Beans in the Belfry coffeeshop this Saturday.

  • Karl Musser
  • John Weber
  • Mike Goshen
  • Jami Beck
  • Sean Williams
  • Tim O'Genshain
John was the first to arrive and we played a quick game of Fjords while waiting for others to arrive, John eked out the victory by one point.

By the time we were done Jami and Sean, two Brunswick regulars, and Mike Goshen from the Frederick gaming group had arrived. I had pre-release copies of the latest from Slugfest Games and we decided to try out Tiki Mountain. This is a light and silly game about racing to the top of the volcano to be the first to offer yourself as a sacrifice to the angry volcano god. Jami was the first to reach the top but her cards failed her at the last minute allowing John to be the first to throw himself into the lava, but his sacrifice is deemed unworthy by the god for the lack of an item card to give up. I'm the next fling myself in and fortunately I'm accepted and take the win.

We followed that up with Hollywood Blockbuster in which John manages to beat us all with only finishing two movies. I didn't get the point totals, but it was pretty close all around, if there hadn't been quite so much spending in pursuit of the worst movie John could've been caught. It was my first play with the new edition, I think I like the look of the Traumfabrik a little better, but the game play is the same.

Jami and Sean have to leave, but Tim joins us a late addition and we play a game of Louis XIV in which once again John takes the victory finishing one more mission than the rest of us and 47 points. Tim comes in second at 40 and Mike and I close on his heels at 39.

All in all a good time. We'll be back next month on the 15th.

Also want to make a quite plug for TCEP 14: Gamers of the Caribbean coming up on Labor Day weekend in Laurel, this is one of Maryland's best gaming conventions and doesn't get a lot of press, highly recommended. I'll be there with a full load of pirate games.

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John Weber said...

Karl, thanks for doing the writeup. It was a very plesant day to drive out to Brunswick, enjoyed the gaming and your very unique location. Hope to return some time soon!