Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Germantown 08/06/07

Wow, what a night. We had 18, that's right eighteen people packed into Border's. At the tables:

  • Andrew & David Fair
  • Eric & Laura Reinhold
  • Jason Cheng
  • Joseph Lin
  • Bill Trac
  • Carol Loman
  • Leslie Barkely
  • Kevin Bealer
  • Bill Salvatore
  • Doug Hoylman
  • Rode Byington
  • Todd Heidenrich
  • David & Martha Briggs
  • Shannon & Aubrey Bell
We played 12 games. On the table:

First up was Machiavelli, in which Rose beat Leslie. Neither BGG nor Pagat has any info on this game, and I am as stumped as they are. Any help?

Next, we played a game of Alhambra. It was the first time to play for Bill T, Jason, and Laura, but Andrew and I had played before. This experience worked for one of us, and against the other. The game ended thusly: David (104), Bill T (98), Jason (59), Laura (56), Andrew (45).

Joseph joined Bill S, Doug, and Carol for a game of Ticket to Ride (Played the "Big Game" from USA 1910). It was a tight contest for the south, with Doug and Bill getting in each other's way. In the end, Bill's Longest Route was not enough as Joseph Globetrotter beat him by a single point. So Close! Final scores: Joseph (124), Bill S (123), Doug (90), Carol (84).

Meanwhile, Todd joined Rose and Leslie for a game of San Juan. Rose furiously stuffed cards under her chapel, but it was not enough to beat the others. Todd (30) squeaked out a win over Leslie (29) and Rose (24).

Kevin, David B, and Martha played Zooloretto for the first time with veteran Eric. Experience proved helpful (as did the discovery of a rule I was unaware of -- the ability to pay 2 coins to get rid of animals in the barn!) as Eric (30) won over Martha (29), Kevin (18) and David (16).

Bill T, Laura, Jason, Carol and I played the Rock-Paper-Scissors-esque game, Hoity Toity. I jumped out to a quick lead, but then got continuously outplayed and outguessed. In the end, Bill won despite a massive jump by Laura at the end, though she came in a close second, followed by Jason, me, and Carol.

Joseph, Bill S, Doug, and Andrew played Vikings, with Doug being the only veteran. This is an interesting set collection game with a nice auction system that really is unique. The theme is quite thin, but the game is quite fun. No word if they used the advanced rules (I suspect not), but Joseph continued his winning ways, scoring 58 points, to Bill S's 50, Doug's 36, and Andrew's 35.

I played No Thanks! with Bill T, Jason, Carol, and Laura. A tough game to wrap your head around sometimes, and with big risks sometimes paying off, and sometimes crushing you, it can be a lot of fun. Laura (-82) played very well, and very consistently, winning easily. She was followed by Bill T (-102), Carol (-107), David (-142) and Jason -154.

Another game of Ticket to Ride, also with the Big Game variant was next, this time played by Todd, Rose, Shannon, Aubrey, and Leslie. I didn't get to see the board while the game was in progress, but final scores were: Todd (124), Rose (115), Shannon (79), Aubrey (77), and Leslie (50). Leslie must have missed a few tickets...

Bill S, Doug, and Andrew played Can't Stop next. This is the best of the push-your-luck dice games, and Bill rolled back-to-back 12's to steal the win and cap three columns to Andrew's 2 and Doug's none.

Dilbert Corporate Shuffle is a fun variation on the Great Dalmuti and similar climbing games. Poor David B. spent the entire game as Jr. Intern, only advancing out of the lowliest of positions on the final hand of play. I was the only fawning, obsequious weasel in the bunch however, so I feel like I really won... After 5 hands the scores were as follows: Kevin (11), Martha (9), David F (7), Eric (5), Laura (2), David B (1).

Leslie, Shannon, and Aubrey played Volle Wolle as the final game of the night. They missed the rules on getting wool chips, as well as how to use them, but Shannon didn't need them to carry her to a 110-point shearing of Aubrey (44) and Leslie (29).

See you on our next night, Monday the 20th. Look for the triumphant return of the one called Bob.

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We played Vikings with the basic rules.