Sunday, August 12, 2007

Damascus 08/10/07

Eighteen gamers on a Hot August Night...

  • David, Noreen, and Corwin Fair
  • Jennifer, Justin, and Seth Weinstein
  • Bryan Snyder
  • Dan Barnett
  • Jason Cheng
  • Rick Pasquale
  • Bill Trac
  • Rose Byington
  • Ruben & Melinda Carbonell
  • Marshall Miller
  • Martha & David Briggs
  • Leslie Barkley
We played a total of nine games. What were they? Oh, I thought you would never ask...

Noreen, Bill, Rose and Jennifer started with Can't Stop. No notes on how it went, but Noreen won. I guess the string of Can't Stop wins for Noreen makes up for the Tichu losses. (Whoa! for the first time a long, long time, no Tichu got played!)

Next was Um Reifenbreite, a great team bicycle race game. unfortunately, they chose a very short course, making luck a little too strong. Final scores were Rose (105), Ruben (102), Rick (97), and Noreen (68).

Next, Rick and Seth played Heave Ho. Seth was not keen on the idea of speed sorting the deck, and Rick won, 2 barrels to none.

Jason, Dan, Bryan and I finished our game of Age of Empires III: Age of Discovery about this time. This is a decent game with what appears to be multiple paths to victory, and many points of contention on the board. Nice game overall, I really liked it. Jason had a devastating combination of Capitol Buildings that made his missionaries very powerful, and he swarmed the new world with them, winning handily, 126 to Dan's 89, my 83, and Bryan's 53. I look forward to playing this again soon, especially now that I have a better grasp of mechanics and possibilities.

The city of Pompeii was destroyed by a volcano, and we commemorate tragedies like that with games, this time with the Downfall of Pompeii. Rick taught the game to three uninitiated, and Marshall won, saving 9 citizens, while Ruben and Rick tied with 8 citizens each, and Jennifer watched her family be consumed by lava, saving only 5 citizens.

Melinda, Martha, David B. and Bill played Blue Moon City. No game notes or scores, but we do know that Bill won.

Martha, Dave B, and Bill next played Zooloretto. The game was quite close (I think it has that tendency in 3 player games). I have printed and made all three of the expansions from BGG for this game, and I am eager to try them out soon. Final scores were Bill 34, Martha 30, and David B 30.

Bryan, Leslie, Jason and I played Midgard. We actually played it twice, once with a fundamental misunderstanding of 2 vocabulary terms, leading to a bad game, and again with a corrected view, leading to a very good game. Bryan won handily, with 104 points, followed by Jason with 90, me with 82 and Leslie with 74.

The final recorded game was Showmanager, one of our favorites for 6. The game progressed well after a quick rules explanation. I mentioned that you would most definitely need to take a loan during the game, but Marshall proved me wrong, taking no loans and doing very well! First time I have ever seen that happen. Jason made a critical error early on, collecting too many of a particular color/letter combination, but he was able to recover a respectable show out of it... Final scores were David 59, Marshall 43, Bryan 35, Bill 30, Jason 28, Leslie 27.

I am not 100% certain that all games played got recorded. Did you play something I missed? Let me know in the comments, please!

See you this Friday. Good Gaming!

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