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Damascus 08/24/07

It was a good night, we had 23 gamers show and play 17 games and 6 expansions a total of 22 times. Who was there? Glad you asked...

  • David, Noreen, Corwin, and Andrew Fair
  • John Weber
  • Jason Cheng
  • Marshall Miller
  • Bryan Snyder
  • Dan Barnett
  • Howard & Nathan Wagner
  • John Stup
  • Tim Rothenhoefer
  • Martha & David Briggs
  • Melinda Carbonell
  • Bill Trac
  • Kevin Bealer
  • Bob, Carol, Rachel, and Ben Jones
  • Bill Salvatore
We started off the night with Marshall, John W, Jason, , Corwin, Andrew, and David F playing a quick game of the beautiful Fire. this is a great looking game, but it has some difficulties with first-player advantage. Still, fun to play and lovely to look at, in a sort 70's-shag-carpet-lava-lamp sorta way.

Dan and Bryan played a quick game of Khet: the Laser Game (AKA Deflexion), in which Dan prevailed. Bryan then played Corwin, and was able to "sneak into" a win as he put it.

Diamant was next, and Jason, Andrew, Marshall, John W, Bryan, Tim, and I headed down into the mines. Tim had an amazing run in mine 4, followed by a gallant attempt at a comeback by Jason in mine 5, but it was ultimately not to be. Final scores were Tim (70), Jason (63), John W (28), David (23), Marshall and Andrew (22 each), Bryan (21). this might be the highest scoring game of Diamant of all time. I am looking up the Guinness Book right now...

Howard and Nathan played Can't Stop with John S. and Dan. Dan captured the win, capping the 6, 7, and 10. Nathan had the 9 & 12 capped. The others say, "We had a bad day."

David, Marshall, Corwin and Andrew played Descent (using both expansions: the Well of Darkness, and Altar of Despair). More on that in a later post. For now i will just say that is was a lot of fun, a much more streamlined system than I expected, and a great pseudo-RPG experience.

John W. , Jason, Raphael, Tim, and Kevin played Emerald. This is fun little tactical game that is hybrid of race game and set collection. I only played once, but would like to do so again. Jason (23) won, followed by Kevin (19), John W (18), Raphael (17) and Tim (15).

Martha and David B played Zooloretto (with all three expansions) with Bill T., Melinda, and Bryan. No word on how they enjoyed the expansions, but I find that at least the Petting Zoo is essential to my enjoyment of the game. Bill T (25) won, followed by Bryan (25), Martha (23), David B (21), and Melinda (7).

Raphael, John W, and Bill (Salvatore, I think) played Caylus Magna Carta. No word on what strategies were employed, but Raphael (55) won over John W (50) and Bill (45). This is a great game that really does a nice job of distilling the essential parts of Caylus down to a much more manageable time frame.

John W, Tim, Jason, Kevin, and Raphael played the new Tom Lehmann "economic engine" game, Phoenicia. The game, like Das Zapter von Zavonder before it, is based on Outpost, but cuts down the time to play over both previous offerings, mostly by reducing the turns required to build up wealth, and removing the endgame victory point items (sentinels from DZvZ). this has the effect of reducing strategies, and increasing the importance of not making a mistake. Raphael's experience with the prior titles proved helpful, as he won with 35 points, to john W's 31, Jason's 29, Tim's 28, and Kevin's 27.

Nathan and Howard played a few games of Air Hockey & Foosball. nice to have the option to get a little physical activity in, isn't it? Nathan won 5 games of Air Hockey, and Howard won 3 Air Hockey and 2 Foosball games.

Nathan, Howard, and Bill S. played Lumberjack. Bill used the caps to top three towers, but then got stuck unable to score for some time, while Nathan used his treetops more effectively, winning 117 to Howard's 111 and Bill's 71. It seems there might be some pieces missing from my copy...

Bob, Carol, John S, and Noreen went on archaeological expeditions in Mykerinos. Carol effectively used Mr. Brown to nab 3 of the 5-influence spots, giving her clear sailing to victory with 45 points to Bob's measly 43. John S was next with 34, followed by Noreen with 33.

David B and Martha, Carol and Bob played Ra! singing that age old classic:
Ra is the Sun God
He is a fun God
Bob led after the first age, and again was in the lead after the second Age,. Martha scored well in the final age, but it was not enough, as Bob still won, scoring 35, and followed by David B (30), Martha (29) and Carol (24).

Nathan and Howard played a trio of Khet games, trying all three initial setup positions. Howard won 2 of these, and Nathan won the other. they enjoyed the game immensely.

Melinda suckered Bryan and Bill T into playing her favorite, Thurn and Taxis (with the Princess expansion). they had only played the Power and Glory expansion, so she had a slight bit more familiarity with the rules. Still, the drubbing they received at her hands (27 for Melinda, 15 for Bryan, and 12 for Bill T.) can't be explained away by that alone.

Tichu Time? It was for Noreen and Melinda, Carol and Rachel. The Jones Women started strong, and after 3 hands were ahead 270 to 30, then they were suddenly down 670 to 430, thanks to a 1-2-Tichu and a 1-2. Then they went on a tear, going out 1-2, then scoring 95 points, making Tichu and grabbing 70 points, and then capping it off with a 1-2-Tichu to pull out the amazing comeback win, 1195 to 705. A very exciting game!

Nathan, Howard, Marshall, and I played the new Knizia game from Z-Man, Dragon Parade. It took a few minutes to get used to it, but Howard did so quickly, winning 13 to Nathan's 9, Marshall's 7, and my 6.

Nathan, Howard, Marshall, Carol, Noreen and I then played a quick few rounds of Password. We only played 4-5 words. Marshall and I were clearly the superior force ;) it was a tough game for Nathan, as I find it usually is for most younger folks.

Bob, Jason, and Tim played Carolus Magnus. Bob was ahead for much of the game, but a big turnaround in one territory gave Tim his last 3 castles to trigger the end of the game and give him the win.

Marshall, Dave and Bob tried again with Carolus Magnus. Bob won handily with a superior understanding of the game mechanisms, and Dave's wretched dice rolls that forced him and Marshall to fight, never allowing either of them much room to take on Bob.

Next week at Fishers, in Middletown. see you there!

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