Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brunswick 04/21/07

Hello all, I'll start off with a report of our last session.

For those that haven't been there the Brunswick GCOM session are held at the Beans in the Belfry coffeeshop in Brunswick. It's a great place, built in a converted church. They have good food and plenty of space.

The afternoon started off with 3 local Brunswick folks in attendence, Lynnette, Jim, and Noelle. First played was Dia de los Muertos, which is a neat little 4-person trick taking game that I really like, but rarely get to play. Lynnette and I paired off against Jim and Noelle and we managed to eke out the victory 3 to 2. We followed that up with Witch Trial, which is one of my favorites of the Cheapass games. Much fun was had selling out the innocent for money and explaining how your evidence bears on the case. One of my favorites - defense against of a dead woman against the charge of heliopropism, "her loving family turned her away from the sun regularly." Lynnette proved the most rich prestigious lawyer in the end.

They had to leave early and as it was already late afternoon and I wasn't expecting anyone else I headed home. To my suprise I got phone call from Scott Fisher saying that he and Sarah were over at Beans. I must of just missed them. Since the car wasn't even unloaded yet I headed back over.

We played Kreta, which was new for both of them. I ended up running away with it, somehow I don't think I'll have it so easy next time though. After that we played Bohnanza which I also won, but by a much narrower margin.

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What a great location! I live less than 7 miles from Beans in the Belfry and had never gone. It was a very enjoyable late afternoon and early evening for both Sarah and I. Thank you Karl for coming back over to join us. I highly recommend a visit.