Sunday, April 29, 2007

Special Saturday Session GCOM Middletown

This is a short recap of the special session of GCOM Middletown in honor of Tony moving back to Raleigh from Cincinnati (he used this point as a resting place (+ 2 days of gaming).


  • Scott Fisher (host)
  • David Fair (co-host)
  • Noreen Fair
  • Rose Byington
  • Judy Trent
  • Scott Fox
  • Tony Svaljenka
  • Scott Percival
  • Liz Percival
  • Carly Fisher
  • Calvin Fisher
  • Bob Jones
  • Carol Jones
  • Rachel Jones
  • Steve Meyers
  • Constance Meyers
  • Sarah Upwright
  • Rick Pasquale
Games played:

  • Tichu X 3 (Rose/Noreen vs. Carly/Constance),(Carol/Liz vs. Scott Fisher/Sarah Upwright) & (Calvin/Noreen vs. Rose/Carly)
  • Puerto Rico (Tony, Scott Fisher, David and Steve)
  • Hunting Party (Rick, Judy and Scott Fox)
  • GemBlo (Scott Fisher,Liz, Sarah, Tony, Carol and Calvin)
  • Paternoster (Liz, Tony, Rachel, Carol, Scott Fisher and Calvin)
  • Pueblo (Constance, Rachel and Noreen)
  • Nacht der Magier (Carol, Noreen, Rachel and Bob)
  • On The Underground (Bob, Noreen, Rachel, Calvin and Carol)
  • Fire and Axe (David, Judy, Scott Fisher, Scott Fox and Tony)
  • Das Storrisches Muli X2 (Calvin, Rick, Calvin and Scott Fox) &(Tony, Steve, David, Scott Fisher and Noreen)
Summary of games played:

Tichu x3 - again this game is proving to be one the most popular games among our gamers. Sarah and myself vs. Liz and Carol was the game that would never end. We had to have played at least 20 hands!!! I did not get any feedback on the other games but there was some hooting and hollering going on so I suspect there was "trash talking" going on.

Puerto Rico - Final score was David 55 (3rd seat), Tony 52 (1st seat), Steve 42 (4th seat) and Scott Fisher (39 2nd seat). A fun game which was played very quickly (a positive for me). This game was very well played. Puerto Rico is truly a classic game. It is still one of my favorite games. Steve always enjoys this game and I welcomed his suggestion to play it.

Hunting Party - Final scores were Scott Fox (5 gold & 2 silver), Rick (3 gold) and Judy (2 gold & 2 silver). This was the first playing of this game by our group. It took quite a while for the rules to be digested and played. After one false start a complete game was played. The strategy of this game became apparent too late into the first game. All said they enjoyed this game. If anyone is interested in purchasing a good deal is available on ebay. I would be interested in purchasing as well and shipping for 2 is only $13 vs. $10 for 1 game. Drop me a line if interested.

GemBlo - Final score was Calvin (8), Tony (11), Scott Fisher (12), Sarah (13), Liz (18) and Carol (19). This game is a great looking game when played and I enjoy it more than Blokus.

Paternoster - Final score was Tony, Carol and Cal (0 cards), Scott & Liz(1 card) and Rachel (4 cards). This is a memory game where each person has a hand of cards depicting 9 different characters. A pawn is moved after rolling a six sided die. The 10 spaces each which represent the cars of an elevator. Inside each "different" elevator is one of the 9 characters. The blank space is replaced by the just revealed card. On a turn each person secretly selects which character is thought to occupy that elevator card. If you are correct you discard the card. Object is to rid yourself of all your cards. Pretty standard memory game.

Pueblo-Final score was Noreen (66), Rachel (97) and Constance (108). I did not get a report on this game. I am pleased that Consie (pictured below) joined us for a GCOM event. She and her husband will play with my family frequently after Mass on Sunday. Welcome to our group!

Nacht der Magier - Final Score -Carol was able to push her playing piece into the ring of fire (which was missing). Apparently, when the game was first setup the ring of fire was not placed under the fire pit. This game won the Spiel das Jahres this year as a kids game. It is quite an impressive game to see glowing in the dark.

On the Underground - Final score was Bob (39), Noreen (36), Rachel and Calvin (33) and Carol (26). The margin of victory for Bob was attributed to his large loop which enclosed 9 points.

Fire and Axe - Final score was Scott Fisher (201), Scott Fox (129), Tony and David (116) and Judy Trent (Bad! - was all reported). Scott Fisher dominated Norway cards for nearly 70 points. I enjoyed this game. It is a nice game with multiple paths to victory. It seemed that all of us were pursuing different paths in hopes of victory.

Das Storrisches Muli x2 - First game was a shared victory by David and Noreen. Oh my the lovebirds even play to tie instead of win. Sickening isn't it! The second game final scores were not reported.

Pillars of the Earth - Final score was Bob (54), David (49), Steve (48) and Tony (34).

Thanks to everyone for bringing some goodies. I am sorry to Noreen and Consie for running out of food. :( If you two were not so devoted to your game you could have fought for some food. Next schedule session is May 25, 2007. Hope to see you all.



David Fair said...

Pillars of the Earth:

The game was a race early on, with Steve and Bob running out to early leads. I managed money well, using the carpenter and the tool maker well, but could not ever seem to get drawn early enough to keep Bob away from his precious Metal. Steve used Prior Philip's power to great avail, choosing victory points quite frequently.

In the end, Bob won by about 3-4 points over me, and I was 1 point ahead of Steve, who was several points ahead of Tony. It was a very good game, and everyone played quite well.

David Fair said...

One more comment - Also played was a game of Power Grid, on the USA map, but with the Prototype Expansion deck. It was a very good, and very close game. Scott Fox started off poorly, he feels, but recovered well. There was a lot of building in the east, and the game was quite tight. the final scores were (Power Capacity/Cities Built/$): David Fair (15/15/31), Judy Trent (15/15/17), Scott Percival (16/14/24), Rick Pasquale (16/14/4), Bob Jones (16/13/23), Scott Fox (14/13/19).