Saturday, April 28, 2007

Middletown - 4/27/2007

This is a short recap of the last meeting of GCOM Middletown.


  • Scott Fisher (host)
  • David Fair (co-host)
  • Noreen Fair
  • Rose Byington
  • Bill Trac
  • Ruben Carbonell
  • Malinda Carbonell
  • Judy Trent
  • Scott Fox
  • Tony Svaljenka
  • Steve Lollis
  • Bryan Snyder
  • Scott Percival
Games played:

Summary of games played:

Tichu - continues to be a favorite game within our gaming group. It was played multiple times by at least 3 different foursomes. The theme of this night seemed to be set your own partner's "Tichu" call but then finish 1-2. The 3 different foursomes played at least 5 matches.

Battelore - a match up called "A complex web" which is number 6 in the scenario book from the base game. This scenario includes using the Giant Spider. Steve played the "banner" player which had the Giant Spider as part of his army. This scenario also used goblins and dwarves. It was a very interesting game as usual with Steve (as usual) prevailing 6 to 3. I really, really enjoy this game even though it does not seem like it should be my kind of game.

Thurn and Taxis : Power and Glory - Final scores were reported as Malinda (30), Bryan (19) and Judy (8). Quoting from the official score sheet "Mel played her best game ever. :) One route earned me (Mel) 14 points. Bryan played well considering "suckful" card draws at the start of the game.

Gold Land - Final scores Ruben (21), Bill (19), Steve L. (11), Scott Fisher (10) and Bryan (10). This is my second playing of this game. It has been on my shelf since 2002 I am very disappointed that it was unplayed for so long. It has been very enjoyable both playings. This game was tale of 2 different races. Bill and Ruben on just about every exploration drew a tile that was passable. On the other hand Steve and myself almost always drew "ordeal" tiles! The game then became a race for everyone but Bill and Ruben to rush up to the temple.

Age of Steam: Mississippi Steamboats - Final scores Scott P. (81), Scott Fox (78), David (75) and Tony (54). The only feedback I heard about this playing was how unique the game was as the cities (= boats) moved up and down the Mississippi. Sounded a little like trying to hit a moving target. This variant seemed to be well liked.

Time is Money - this is a quick game that is played in rounds. The first round lasts a total of 10 seconds per player, the second round lasts 20 seconds per player and the final round lasts 30 seconds per player. This does not seem like much time but it very fun watching your fellow competitors frantically grabbing money and counting seconds in your head. The final scores were $1000(David), $590 (Scott P. ), $630 (Tony) and $580 (Scott Fisher). It is a real shame that I lost by such a large amount since my mouth is obviously a better player than my mind!

Fire and Axe - Final scores were Judy (123), David (115), Bryan (102), Malinda (96) and Scott Fox (77). No recap was given but I heard all favorable comments after the conclusion of the game.

Struggle for Rome - Final scores were Scott Fisher (10), Steve and Tony (6 each). Steve was awarded 2nd place by tiebreaker method which is most money. I won the game with Scourge of Rome (2 VP's) X 2, 5 cities (5 VP's) settled and 1 card (1 VP). The game tends to be a little long but I did enjoy it neverless.

All in all a really good session. It was a nice surprise to have Tony join us on Friday instead of on Saturday as originally planned. My gaming habit can be directly traced to Tony. When I was in high school I spent many a day and night playing many of the classic games of the time such as 1830, Titan, Civilization, Circus Maximus and of course D&D. It is always a high point to rekindle those old memories!

Next scheduled session is May 25, 2007. I look forward to seeing you all.


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David Fair said...

Regarding AoS - Mississippi Steamboats:
It was a really good game, and indeed, it is a little like trying to hit a moving target to ship goods. Tony was hampered by missing the target by just a little more than once. I did my usual strategy with AoS -- Pull out to an early lead, but spend too much in shares and get beat down by the end game, where debt is crushing you. I think it was a well played game by all.

Regarding Fire & Axe:
This is a terrific game with a theme centered around vikings raiding, trading, and settling in Europe. The game gives you limited actions on each of your turns (7 days, loading one item or crewman is a day, moving one space is a day), so each turn is quick, but the game runs a bit long as there are many turns. I really enjoy the game, though it would be nice not to be such a victim of dice rolls on occasion. This was my third playing in about a month, and I expect to play it again soon.