Friday, April 06, 2007

Gathering Report - Day 7

The first game played on day 7, was a 4-player version of Notre Dame with Noreen, Anye Sellers, and Jay Bloodworth. It was another Second Place Finish for me, as jay just racked up points like mad, and I floundered. Jay scored 65, I had 45, Anye 39, and Noreen had 36. I really like this game alot, definitely my pick for Gathering Hit.

Terry Bailey wanted someone to teach him Rette Sich Wer Kann, so we obliged, and made sure he was the first one drowned. He recovered somewhat, and the two of us tied for last place along with Thor Samuelson (we all had 12) Rhonda Bender scored 19, and Kevin 20, but Noreen had first place again, with 26 points.

We then took part in the Puzzle Hunt. I am not sure why. One of the reasons I stopped doing Tanga puzzles was the complete lack of direction, and this was more of the same. Only it lasted more than three hours. We played with Larry Levy, Jay Bloodworth, and Michael Weston. Some of the puzzles were clever, but trying to do 21 of them in that time, with little direction was more frustrating than fun.

Michael then taught R-ECO, and I played with Jim Fairchild, Michelle Corbin, and Earl Bailey. Michael was to my right, and I paid for that mistake, scoring only 5 points. Jim had 8, Earl 11, Michelle 13, and Michael 20. the game is interesting, basically a set collection game, but with able to force those coming after them to draw extra cards, and thus go over the hand limit and lose points, It had some interesting decisions.

We then did dinner at Schmidts Sausage House, a German eatery that has amazingly good food. We dined with Greg & Gail Schloesser, Kevin & Rhonda Bender, Craig and Jan Kim Berg, Earl Bailey & Michelle Corbin, Doug & Shelley Garrett, Anye Sellers, Ward Batty, Jay Bloodworth, and Jim Fairchild. It was great, and I highly recommend it for any trips to Columbus.

When we came back, we played Tichu, teaching Kevin & Rhonda how to play. Tichu went poorly for the team of David and Kevin.

We then played and unusual French game whose name translates to Found Objects. There we basically a bunch of strange things in the box (a rock, a toothbrush, a rubber band, a balloon, a feather, a key ring, a plastic astronaut, a wooden pawn, etc.) and you had to make one of six
items on a card and get the others to guess which it was. Early guesses scored more points than later ones, and the maker scored points equal the the number of people who guessed correctly. Rhonda won with 43 points, Kevin had 30, I had 28, and Noreen had 17.

We then played Can't Stop, and Noreen won again. It was tough towards the end and each of us had two columns locked, but Noreen just kept rolling fours...

Diamant was up next, and Rhonda won handily, with 41 points. Bobby Warren scored 24, i had 23, Kevin had 21, as did Terry Bailey, and Noreen had just 13. It was a lot of fun with tons of smack talk and laughing.

It was almost 3am, so we went to bed...


Charles said...

I am sure that was Kim Berg at the dinner.

David Fair said...

Of course, my mistake. Thanks Charlie.